Working Out for a Hero: Crossfit Family Remembers Justin Martin

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Two years ago on November 2nd the Des Moines community was forever changed, when two police officers were killed in the line of duty.

A gunman killed Des Moines Sergeant Anthony Beminio and Urbandale Officer Justin Martin. Coworkers and friends of Officer Martin are still dealing with the grief, but it’s how he lived that has them bettering themselves Saturday.

For 24 minutes, people had the chance to honor 24-year-old Officer Justin Martin by competing in a crossfit competition.

“This workout is tough,” Director of Operations for Crossfit Des Moines Tyler Lloyd said. “It is not an easy workout, and we kind of designed it to be like that.”

Completing exercises in reps of 11 and 40, they paid their respects to the hero who proudly wore badge number 1140 on his chest.

This workout is so much more than some symbolic numbers.

“It’s very difficult, which symbolizes how hard of a worker he was and continue doing what we’ve been doing, which is push through this tragic event that occurred two years ago,” Urbandale Sergeant Chad Underwood said.

Members of the Urbandale Police Department took part in the workout along with coaches from Crossfit Des Moines, where Martin was a member.

“It means a lot to us to have all these people from all around the metro and the Midwest show up and honor Justin,” Sergeant Gary Lang said, “to honor his sacrifice, and work your tail off for him and for your community.”

But this workout spread further than anyone could have imagined.

“One of our officers who worked with Justin is deployed currently overseas and him and his platoon wanted to participate in a workout with the Urbandale Police brothers and sisters and Police Officers,” Underwood said.

Through Skype, people across the world were able to participate in a hero workout that Lloyd says will have you leaving feeling different than you ever have before.

“You absolutely push a little bit harder you dig a little bit deeper knowing what was sacrificed so we can have days like this,” Lloyd said. “So we have the opportunities that we have, we can do the things we want to do.” And allows the ones directly impacted by Martin’s death to remember 1140.

“A lot of memories, a lot of hurt, a lot of healing,” Lang said. “It helps heal too.”

All the proceeds from the Justin Martin Memorial Competition goes towards the Urbandale Police Protection and Benevolence Fund. Last year they donated 4,000 dollars. This year they are confident they will break that number.