Special Task Force Helped DMPD Catch Teen With Child Pornography

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DES MOINES, Iowa — For all the good technology has brought into our lives, in the wrong hands it can still be terrifying.  “You couldn’t commit these crimes twenty-five years ago because the way to commit them didn’t exist,” said Sergeant Paul Parizek with the Des Moines Police Department.  On Tuesday, eighteen year-old Noah Notch was arrested and charged with twelve counts of possession of child pornography.  “The information that made the case came to us through an existing task force that works behind the scenes,” said Parizek.

Funded by a federal grant , the Iowa Internet Crimes Against Children task force began monitoring cyber space in 2004 for departments that just don’t have the funds to do so.  Parizek said, “There were times when these crimes would simply go unnoticed or slip under the radar because nobody knew what was going on. Nobody knew how to find it or how to track it.”

ICAC has a location in every state, Iowa has one located in Ankeny. “It’s a very labor intensive task because what they do is they monitor these sites and when they catch a transaction that they believe to be suspicious they go through the process of identifying the IP address,” said Parizek.  That transaction led them straight to Notch Parizek said, “That takes a lot off our plate and definitely adds speed and momentum to the investigation. They’ll provide us with the who and the what and we go from there.”  The new age of technology has sprouted crime busting agencies such as ICAC but police aren’t ready to underestimate a criminal’s resilience.  “It speaks to the fact that the internet and technology not only does it drive our culture but it drives a lot of our crimes,” said Parizek.

Notch was released after making bond.  His first court appearance is scheduled for March 15th.  Until then, he must have face to face contact with authorities every two weeks and follow court ordered conditions which include no contact with minors.