Snowfall Causes Dangerous Conditions on Iowa Roads

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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  “I think people tend to see a snowflake and go a little crazy,” said Cami Mason of West Des Moines.

It certainly looked that way out there on the roads on Monday. Mason drives for Uber and Lyft, and she said driving in the winter conditions was a challenge. However, she didn’t have any trouble because she stayed calm, unlike others.

“I saw a lot of people stuck in areas, in ditches, the roadways hadn’t been cleared yet,” said Mason. “I don’t think they were as prepared for the weather that they got.”

Brandy Cummins of Murray knows all about drivers who don’t manage well in the snow.

“We live in Iowa,” said Cummins. “We should be used to it by now. Just take it slow. People go way too fast, I think, when they shouldn’t be. Just because you have four wheel drive doesn’t mean you’re gonna stop.”

That’s why she avoided the roads for as long as she could.

“I just stayed late at work and I decided to work until some of the people were gone, so I have to drive to Murray which is about 50 minutes south, so I was waiting for the interstate to clear up a little bit.”

To be fair, driving with snow on the ground is no easy task, which Mindy Beaderstadt of Newton experienced firsthand.

“Horrible,” said Beaderstadt. “I need new tires and I’m just spinning all over the place. I got stuck in the bank parking lot on my lunch hour, missed an appointment.”

How did she get out?

“I just spun and spun and actually went in reverse, did a little donut and twirled around and went a different direction,” said Beaderstadt.

Sergeant Nathan Ludwig of the Iowa State Patrol said many drivers forget what it’s like to drive in the snow.

“All of these accidents happened today because people were traveling too fast for conditions and they’re not allowing themselves ample time to stop and they’re trying to drive right behind the car in front of them,” said Sgt. Ludwig

Just a little bit of snowfall can cause a lot of problems–and it did.

“It’s just one accident after another,” said Sgt. Ludwig. “You get one cleared and another one happens. You get it cleared and another one happens, so we’re just doing what we can, and this is one of those days that I haven’t seen for a long, long time.”