RoboKiller App Fights Back Against Robocalls

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Des Moines, IOWA — You may have noticed political campaigns trying to reach you by way of robocalls, but now there’s an app for that. If you are getting unwanted calls, whether they’re coming from politicians, telemarketers, spammers or wherever…”RoboKiller” answers those calls for you. Then, a robot talks back to the spammers and wastes their time, as a way of getting revenge.

“We’ve made some funny ones,” said Ethan Garr, Vice President of Product for TelTech. “We`ve made a Hillary and Trump impersonator one. We have one guy who’s dealing with a gazelle running around his apartment. You can even make your own, and once you get the recordings of these conversations, between our answer bots and the telemarketers, you can actually share them with your friends, share them on Facebook. So, you can have a lot of fun with it as well.”

According to RoboKiller’s Robocall Data Tracker, there were well over five billion robocalls placed to Americans in the month of October.