Residents Demand Action For Des Moines City Council

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DES MOINES, Iowa–  Outrage Thursday in Beaverdale some residents calling on city officials to act.

For some residents recovering from a flood is common.

Residents blamed their sewer drains for the problem saying they’re too old and unreliable.

At one meeting, community members met in the middle of 57th street.

Where nearly a week ago there was more than 3 feet of water.

“My husband almost drowned in that backyard he couldn’t get out he had to swim up” resident Kayde Heidt said.

Heidt and others blame the flooding on an outdated drainage system, that they thought was fixed.

“I am very angry we thought that they had fixed it then come to find out all they did was try to put a band aid on it,” Heidt said.

The city said at the time, that was the only option.

“A bunch of us are going to get together, we are going to talk about it what can we put off getting this taken care of because this is a priority,” Des Moines City Councilman Bill Gray said.

Ten blocks down on 47th and Holcomb another group of residents expressing similar concerns.

“I want them to fix the infrastructure it wants them to quit putting money towards beautification,” Heidt said.

At this meeting, city and state officials joined the conversation.

“I don’t agree with you that its failing infrastructure, it think it is overwhelmed,” Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie said.

According to Polk County Mitigation Plan, there are 54 new and existing river or flash flood projects, all of which listed as high priority.

Despite being a high priority, these neighborhoods sit miles away from a body of water so, their sewer drainage systems are not top of that list.