Poll Workers Young and Old Help With Busy Election Day

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DES MOINES, Iowa — After all the talk of Millennials not voting, you may be surprised by who’s checking ID’s at a precinct in Sherman Hill.

22-year-old Anne Matte is a first time poll worker. She chose to get involved thanks to her job with Disability Rights Iowa, which worked hard this year to get curbside voting signs outside of every single precinct. While she was the youngest person in her training for Election Day, she says everyone is ecstatic she chose to get involved and thinks more Millennials care about elections than you may think.

“I think you can’t really paint us all with the same brush,” Matte said. “I mean it is really easy to have a lot of apathy for events when were so inundated in it in our day-to-day. But I work for a civil rights organization. I really like being involved in my community. I like being in a small community like Sherman Hill, being a poll worker, and getting to know my neighbors. I think it’s really good to be involved.”

For Alisa Payton, she’s been helping out with Election Day for over a decade. Now a precinct captain, she helped unload blank ballots yesterday at Hy-Vee Hall and says she’s never seen a turnout quite like this on a non-presidential year.

“Our turnout today, I’ve worked elections in this building where they didn’t send us as many ballots as what we’ve had vote already,” Payton said.

Not even halfway through the polling time in Iowa, Payton’s precinct 3 in Altoona had over 500 ballots entered.