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DES MOINES, Iowa–A wave helped sweep Dave Loebsack, a political science professor at Cornell College, into Congress in 2006 when he defeated 15-term incumbent, Republican Jim Leach.

Loebsack, a Democratic Second District Congressman, stopped short Monday of predicting another wave of success for his party this November, but he does sense a promising election.

“President Trump is so unique,” Loebsack said following his remarks to a crowd at the Iowa State Fair.

That uniqueness makes 2018 different than 2006 when George W Bush was still President, Loebsack said. And it likely makes it a little more difficult for him to predict that wave that optimistic Democrats crave for November.

In 2016, Trump dominated the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, by more than nine percentage points in the presidential race in 2016 in Iowa. Much of his success came in rural Iowa, an area where Loebsack said Democrats have neglected too often.

“This is something that, quite frankly, our party hasn’t talked enough about…rural America,” Loebsack said.

Loebsack is Iowa’s only Democratic member of Congress and wants his party’s candidates to focus on local issues, not just national themes that might play well in places like San Francisco and New York, Loebsack said.

He suggested they push for improvements for the middle class, a bipartisan farm bill in Congress and increased opportunities for renewable fuels.


David Bote has played 61 games for the Iowa Cubs this season. Sunday night at Wrigley Field, Bote delivered in a big way for the Chicago Cubs.

Bote hit an Ultimate Slam. That’s when a walk-off grand slam brings winning team back from 3 runs down.

And Bote hit his with two outs, and two strikes.

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Two democratic presidential candidates visited Iowa to meet with constituents during the Iowa State Fair and other events.

Even though they are both in the same party, they don’t agree on the same solutions to the issues Americans face.

One of those issues is poverty.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang said his main focus is what he calls universal basic income. What that means is, each American between the ages of 18 and 64 would receive $1,000 per month from the government, no strings attached.

“If you look at our history, that proposal passed the House of Representatives in 1971 under Richard Nixon, a republican president. And 1,000 economists signed a letter saying this would be great for the economy. Everyone from Martin Luther King to Milton Friedman was for it. And one state has had this in effect for the last 35 years and that state is Alaska, which is a deep red conservative state. Everyone gets between one and two thousand dollars from oil money and there’s no reason we can’t do it,” Yang said.

Yang said this money would come from a new tax on companies who heavily benefit from automation.

Congressman John Delaney, (D) Maryland, said he disagrees with a universal based income, but he has a different solution to improve the economy.

“I don’t think we need to go to what he’s talking about, which is basically paying everyone in the country. I think what we need to do is make an economy that works for all Americans. Make sure they have the skills they need to get a good paying job that has a rising standard of living and make sure we do the kind of things to make our economy as competitive as possible,” Delaney said.

In addition to addressing poverty, both Delaney and Yang want to improve health care in the United States.

“Health care is a big thing for me. I think we should have universal health care in this country and I think there’s ways of both political parties actually coming together and making that happen. But we really have to be striving for universal health care,” Delaney said.

Yang didn’t say he wanted universal health care, but made suggestions on what he wants to do. “We have to get health care off the backs of businesses and families, where right now we spend twice as much on health care as other countries and we get worse results. And so we need to help make a system that isn’t awarded based on activity, which it is now, but on results and healthfulness,” Yang said.

There’s always something bugging Andy Fales at the Iowa State Fair. This year, Fair Square.

DES MOINES, Iowa — Overcoming thyroid cancer has given Alyssa Brand a new perspective.

“It first and foremost taught me humility,” said Brand, a Senior – Midfielder on the Drake Bulldogs women’s soccer team. “Driving to the hospital, every day consecutively in a week and seeing other people there who are really sick and like knowing the burden of my family and financially, it just like humbles you.”

It was October 11, 2017, the same day Drake played UNI, when Brand got the bad news.

“It`s hard for a college student to go through that, or really anyone to go through it,” said Lindsey Horner – Head Coach of the Drake Bulldogs women’s soccer team. “But certainly a Division I, college athlete in the middle of the MVC season.”

While Brand had to undergo surgery, she says the challenges she faced were more emotional and mental than physical.

“Physically I was really fine to compete,” said Brand. “The doctors had decided that, so once they sort of cleared me in that regard, it was sort of like up to me to be like, I’m able to play, I need to mentally focus on it.”

And that she did…

Surrounded by the support of her family, coach and team, Brand was able to “Kick Cancer,” and inspire everyone around her. And showing vulnerability was key to the process.

“I think we have some tough players on our team, and I think they think it’s tough to you know just kind of grind through and not show emotion,” said Horner. “Where I think we`re now starting as a group to learn that it’s kind of brave to show emotion and to be vulnerable in front of other people and give them that opportunity to support you.”

“She took this whole thing with so much grace and dignity even,” said Linda Fiorito, a Senior – Defender on the Drake Bulldogs women’s soccer team. “She was brave through it all, never let her attitude drop, it was always positive. She was just incredible and it’s definitely inspiring to all of us, that if she can go through that, we can go through anything on the soccer field, any other challenges that we`re facing in our life.”


IOWA CITY, Iowa — College football season is approaching and Kinnick Stadium had a different swarm on Saturday.

The Hawkeyes spent the day welcoming their kid captains to the stadium. The Kid Captain program is celebrating its 10th year this year.

“It’s a decade of recognizing what these kids and their families go through every day. So it gives them a chance to come to Iowa City and do something really fun and exciting,” said Cheryl Hodgson, Director of Marketing for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. “Sometimes their trips to Iowa City aren’t as much fun.”

The 13 kid captains represent all the children who received treatment at the University of Iowa’s Stead Family Children’s hospital.

The Kid Captains toured the football facilities at Kinnick Stadium, met the players, and got jerseys they will wear during their games.

“They are really representing all of the children we care for at the hospital. So, there have been 134 kid captains over the last ten years and we hope we have many, many more to come,” Hodgson said.

Three Central Iowa kids were picked to be Kid Captains. 13-year-old Gabe Graber of Prairie City, 6-year-old Harper Stribe of Polk City, and 14-year-old Kiersten Mann of Ankeny.

Harper and Gabe’s dads were roommates at Buena Vista University. One called the other to tell him his son was picked from 400 nominations.

“I remember where I was when I got the text message from him that they were both kid captains and it was super exciting,” Gabe’s dad Darin Graber said. “I called my wife right away and told her and, yeah, it was just really special to have them be a kid captain as well as us.”

“Of course, we’re Hawkeye fans and we cheer for the Hawks regardless, but to see your own kids put on the black and gold and to share their story and continue to grow and flourish and develop as young children, it’s fun to watch,” Nolan Stribe, Harper’s dad, said.

The story of each child will be highlighted during the game they captain during the 2018 football season.


DES MOINES, Iowa — A brand new police force is on patrol tonight and fair goers will be first in line to benefit from their protection.  “We have police officers that are on reserve from other forces that make up the compliment of detail so really we just supplemented the state patrol with our sworn officers as well and they work in partnership to keep the safety of the grounds,” said Iowa State Fair CEO Gary Slater.

Instead of hiring security for the Iowa State Fair to work alongside Iowa State Patrol troopers and Des Moines police like in years past, the fair has launched their own Iowa State Fair Police Department.  Six sworn-in officers are patrolling the fairgrounds year round with the Iowa State Patrol taking the lead during the ten days of the fair.  Slater says the decision is just a proactive approach for fair lovers.  “There wasn’t any incident that brought the change.  I think it was just the fact of what is going on in the world today and how to make an event like the Iowa State Fair as safe as possible.  That seemed like the next step to do.”

The Iowa State Fair police will be able to make arrests just like Des Moines police and the Iowa State Patrol.  It will cut down on response times on the fairgrounds when the state fair is over and the other agencies are no longer around.

DES MOINES, Iowa — No matter where you drive you’ll find speeders, people who fail to signal, and the ever-annoying driver who cuts you off; but according to a new study you might see it more in Des Moines. The study, conducted by insurance company Insurify, lists Des Moines number eight on a list of cities with the worst drivers.

The study compared city population with the number of motorists with speeding tickets, DUIs, moving violations, and at-fault accidents. The data shows that you’re 88% more likely to get a speeding ticket than an average driver and 28% more likely to be in an at-fault accident.

Charlie Grooms is an out of towner driving from Seattle back home to Indiana. He says through his trip he’s noticed something about drivers in the metro.

“I think for the most part it’s patience, people don’t seem to have the patience to let things develop on the road, it’s just ‘I gotta get here and I’m gonna go there’” said Grooms.

So now the question is why does Iowa have one of the lowest auto insurance rates in the Country?

Insurance agent Mike Lane says it’s because of competition in the industry, and because Iowan’s are less likely to sue each other over accidents than in other states. Despite the poor ranking, some people feel like drivers in Des Moines aren’t all that bad.

“It’s nothing compared to Dallas, Texas. I was just there a couple of days ago and you really appreciate up in this part of the country once you leave out of Dallas. You’re sitting in traffic forever, you see all kinds of accidents, fender benders. I’d take Des Moines anytime over going out of this state” said Mary Kirkpatrick.

The three worst cities were Omaha, Nebraska, Dover, Delaware, and Greer, South Carolina.

The stuff of pop culture rumors and fast food lovers’ dreams, the McGold Card does indeed exist, McDonald’s confirms.

“The mysterious McGold Card, which for years has been rumored to grant a select few free McDonald’s, for life, is in fact real and returning for one fan,” the company said in a press release.

The McGold Card doesn’t necessarily mean unlimited food however. According to the fine print, the winner can collect two free meals per week for 50 years.  McDonald’s is also going to award a custom-made mobile McGold Card phone case with the winner’s name engraved in gold.

So how did the McGold Card start? The company said this in a Facebook post:

Back in 1965, a McDonald’s Owner did the unthinkable! By awarding its most loyal customer with the McGold Card, giving the cardholder free McDonald’s for life. Too good to be true? It’s real all right and it will have you seeing gold!

Since then, there have been various rumors of celebrities and businesspeople getting free food for life.  Warren Buffett, Rob Lowe and Bill Gates are said to be among them, but  Business Insider reports that Gates is the only one who has a physical Gold Card.

This is the first time a McGold Card has been awarded in a contest.

To enter the sweepstake, customers need to use the app to make an order between the 10th and the 24th of August. Each time they use Mobile Order & Pay to order, they will gain another entry. It’s also possible to enter via email without buying anything. See the full rules here.

McDonald’s says they will do a random prize drawing “on or about” August 29, 2018.

DES MOINES, Iowa– Days after the water main break on Fourth Street happened, it’s still a constant headache for businesses.

According to Des Moines Water Works, the boil order for that area has been lifted.

Vaudeville Mews canceled concerts last Saturday, but is back open now.

“It was concerning being so close to our building. I mean it’s just a few feet out of our front door that the street has collapsed. So we are lucky that it didn’t move any closer and actually damage the building in that way,” General Manager of Vaudeville Mews Derek Muse Lambert said.

Sidewalks are open, but the road is still closed.

“I mean Saturday nights are one of our best nights. So it definitely hurts to lose one of those and I’m sure having the road closed is also scaring people off, even though we are open now. You have to kind of walk down the street and a lot of people may not realize that,” Lambert said.

The water has also been questionable for the last few days; a necessary amenity for almost every business on the street.

“It makes it kind of interesting running a bar. We can’t serve any of that. All canned beverages, mixers, pre-packaged ice and all of that stuff,” Lambert said.

The owner of The Copper Cup, Eric Hartung, said they probably won’t be able to re-open for six weeks because they’ve lost almost everything.

“I mean the walls to the floor had to be ripped out. A lot of our coolers are sabotaged. I mean the bathrooms need to be completely redone. Just about everything needs to be redone,” Hartung said.

Hartung said four feet of water wreaked havoc on the bar and Des Moines Water Works stepped up to take care of the repairs, but he’s worried this might happen again.

“It is a little concerning because this happened a year ago and I mean it wasn’t to this magnitude and not enough water came in, but this just happened a year ago. And I think it happened four years before that. This is one of the oldest downtown streets, I believe, as far as commercial buildings. And it is a little nervous. I mean they repaved it last year but who knows what’s going on underneath there,” Hartung said.

Hartung said most of his employees are able to work for other bars in the area temporarily during repairs.

He said this issue isn’t going to force them to relocate and he’s confident loyal customers will come back once they re-open.