Neighbors React to Saturday Night Crash on Hickman Road

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CLIVE, Iowa  —  Police and neighbors along Hickman Road both have questions following a serious crash that happened on Saturday night.

Police are trying to figure out what caused the collision and neighbors wonder how anyone survived.

Tara Deering-Hanson has lived off of Hickman for nine years.

“We heard this loud crash, almost like an explosion. At first my daughter who is six thought it was something in our house, maybe something had fallen, but I immediately knew it was something outside,” Deering-Hanson said.

The loud explosion came from a crash. One car flipped on its back and the other split into two pieces on impact. One part of that car wrapped around a light pole, while police say the other part flew into the nearby Greenbelt Walking Trail.

Officers say both people involved are alive, which is welcome news for Deering-Hanson.

“I was amazed to hear that people were still conscious and walking even after getting ejected from the vehicle, and I was just happy to hear that,” she said.

Police are still investigating what caused the crash, but some neighbors say people often drive too fast on that stretch of Hickman. Residents hope this crash serves as a reminder to slow down.