Need for Food Pantry Donations is Urgent

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DES MOINES, Iowa — The weather may be warm, but hunger doesn’t take a vacation, and those who run food pantries in the metro say right now, the need for donations is urgent; and your help is needed more than ever. The Des moines Area Religious Council says its Food Pantry Network has seen an increase in need, but donations have not kept up to meet that need.

“It`s a bit worrying,” said Luke Elzinga, Communications Manager for DMARC. “This year, the first four months we`ve seen so far, double digit increases every month compared to the same month last year. So, in January we had an 18 percent increase over January 2017, in terms of the people we`re serving.”

And if that trend continues, the consequences could be dire for community members who are in need of help.

“If they keep on going this way, we will eventually run out of food,” said Eileen Boggess, Executive Director of Urbandale Food Pantry. “You can`t keep on going and feeding people, if there aren’t the donations there to feed people.”