Making Iowa Wet Again, Trump Supporters Get Soaked Before Rally

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa–Thousands of supporters spent hours in the rain before President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Council Bluffs Tuesday night. Tents offered temporary relief from the downpour but supporters spent most of their time in a pouring rain that rarely stopped throughout the day.

Rhonda Baldwin, a Trump supporter from Council Bluffs, said the wait and the drenching were worth it. “I’m soaked!” she said.

She said she appreciates the President’s stance on illegal immigration and has confidence in him that he will continue to improve the economy. Asked why she was willing to wait in the rain when she could have just watched the rally on television, she responded, “Because he’s the President of the United States!”

Supporters, many covered in ponchos or trash bags to stay as dry as possible, were not allowed to take their umbrellas into the rally. Hundreds of discarded umbrellas were on the ground outside the entrance after supporters made their way inside.