Johnston Seven Year-Old Collects Feminine Hygiene Products for Women in Need

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JOHNSTON, Iowa — “I`m not sure how she translated personal care products to pads and tampons,” said Melissa Knutson.”And, actually she was calling them ‘pagina covers,’ and so we started this as, what our pagina covers? Why is she asking for…and then I realized what she was actually asking for, but that was…her child way of saying pads and tampons.”

Melissa is referring to where her seven year-old daughter, Brenlyn, got the idea to collect feminine hygiene products for women who couldn’t afford them.

It all started a couple of weeks ago, when Melissa learned about a need in the community.

“I`m a part of the West Des Moines Leadership Academy right now, and so we spent a day doing a poverty simulation and then we toured their donation sites at the Human Services site in West Des Moines,” said Melissa. “And, so they gave us a tour and were telling us what their needs were at the time and one of the big support items that they had were personal care items.”

Brenlyn heard about the need and wanted to do something to help.

“I was telling Brenlyn and her sisters about that and I walked in on her telling her grandma that what she wanted for Christmas was donations of pads and tampons,” said Melissa. “And, so I thought that was a pretty cool thing for a seven year-old to ask for, for Christmas.”

“My mom told me about at the homeless shelter, that people…would buy food, but not the stuff they actually needed,” said Brenlyn.

After Melissa and Brenlyn posted the idea on Facebook, donations and money started coming in.

And it’s not over yet. Collections will be received January 5, which is Brenlyn’s birthday.

If you would like to donate to Operation #PaginaCovers, click here.