First Fort Dodge, Now Oskaloosa…Public Works Says Seven Inches Fell Saturday

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OSKALOOSA, Iowa  —  Snow hit Fort Dodge on Friday, and Oskaloosa had its turn on Saturday.

Matt Saville and his crewmates at Oskaloosa Public Works have been pulling long hours dealing with the recent snowfall. On Saturday, they say seven inches fell in the heart of the city.

“Sleep has been a stranger this week. Going into today we had just shy of 60 hours, so by the time the weekend’s over I’d venture to say we’ll be in the 80-hour range,” said Saville.

Clearing the roads has taken time; Saville says residents have been patient and understanding, but at the same time says he would be fine with the snow stopping.

“More than done with winter, sign me up and I’ll be more than happy to be done with it!” he said.

While Saville says he could go for some beach weather, if you look in the right places, you can find people like Lance Patton, who say, “bring on another round!”

“Tryin’ to shovel and make some money, been waiting for a big snow storm and we’re finally getting it. I hear we’re supposed to be getting more, so I’m hoping we do,” he said as he shoveled a neighbor’s sidewalk.

For others in Oskaloosa, even if they get a few inches on Sunday, the last few days have been nothing to get worked up about.

“I remember, like, blizzards where it like blew up to the rooftops, and we’d crawl out of the attics or the barn and go sledding. Kids these days haven’t seen snow like we did back in the 80s and 90s,” said Hope Rief.

Rief is a property manager and has been clearing snow at 10 properties. The tough Iowan say she just takes it as it comes.

“As long as it stays warm like this, ’cause to me this is warm, I don’t mind it,” she said in the 14-degree weather.

Oskaloosa Public Works says the snow ordinance will be in effect Saturday night, so residents should move their cars off the side of the roads so plows can get through.