Des Moines Neighborhood Needs Help Identifying Burglary Suspect

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DES MOINES,   Fernando Garcia has lived in his east Des Moines home for fifteen years.  Each night he locks up the driveway, but around 7 am on March 1st after working a night shift in construction, even that lock wasn’t enough.  He said, “I woke up around ten am and came outside and saw the gate broken.”

A four camera surveillance video system on Fernando’s property caught a burglar finding her way first underneath the gate and then eyeing his belongings.  “Winter clothes like coveralls, two Carhartt coats and sweaters.  It’s a learning lesson like maybe I shouldn’t have left it on my porch.”  Gear needed for his job that supports his family.  “I was more upset because they were new boots.  I just bought them and that got me mad.  She didn’t take the old ones, the ones I have on now.  She took the new ones though,” he said with a laugh.

The burglar ripped open the gate’s siding in order to make off with at least three baskets of Fernando’s clothes and attempted to break into his vehicles.  Fernando also learned he was not the only victim when he played back the video. He said, “First I saw her break into my neighbor’s house and this next door too.”

He hopes the video can put the neighborhood on alert.  “I lost work clothes, other people could lose important stuff like TVs or something more expensive. They could break into their car and break windows,” said Fernando.  While nothing was stolen from the vehicles in the driveway, the burglar pulled so hard on a door handle that it broke.  Fernando holds no ill will towards the suspect but does have three words of advice, get a job.  He said, “My mom and dad always tell me you have two hands, two feet, you can work. You want something, then work.”

Fernando now has added a fifth camera and plans to get a new fence that is harder to break into.  Police are investigating the burglary but still have not found the suspect.