Concert Will Honor and Celebrate Life, Legacy, and Music of Late Rapper

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DES MOINES, Iowa — “A lot of people would call him The Notorious B.I.Gof Des Moines,” said local rapper Juliano Dock. “He was definitely the Biggie of Iowa.”

Dock says the comparison between Jay Foster and Biggie Smalls wasn’t just physical.

“It was more or less because of how he rapped and his delivery and the emotion he put behind the music,” said Dock.

Listening to some of Jay Foster’s music now is somewhat eerie; because much like the Notorious B.I.G., the late rapper’s lyrics talked about life after death:

On the song “How You Livin,” Foster rapped, “how you livin? how you livin, when the odds are against you, when you’re gone, that’s when they miss you…time waits for no man…”

While Jay’s music may have foreshadowed his death, when a heart attack took his life earlier this month, it was a shock to everyone; and the loss hit the community he was a part of hard.

Before his sudden death at the age of 24, Jay Foster left behind a wealth of music that will now be his legacy.

“I think he knew it was his time, but he sit there and got a lot of the work done that he needed to get done for the show and the album and everything, before he passed,” said Braylin Shade of Deomonte Entertainment. “He had it all done and ready to go.”

It had long been planned that Jay would headline a concert at Wooly’s on December 29 for the release of his new album.

And despite his death on December 3, just weeks before the event, the show will go on; and now the concert will be more of a tribute.

“I don`t necessarily want to put a sad emotion on this show,” said Dock. “This is a celebration of his legacy and what he left behind for us, so I feel like it`s going to be a lot of love in the building. It`s just gonna be a good night.”