Community Reacts To Misty Ray’s Guilty Plea

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PERRY, Iowa–  Joe Butlar from Perry lives next door to where the Ray’s used to live.

The home where Sabrina Ray and two other adopted children were being abused.

“It turns your stomach to think that that happened,” Joe Butlar said.

Sabrina’s adoptive parents Marc and Misty Ray both were both charged with first degree murder in her death.  On Wednesday, Misty pleaded guilty to kidnapping and the state agreed to drop the murder charge.

“First degree kidnapping is pretty serious, so I hope they really hammer her good,” Butlar said. “I believe she murdered her, she was right in there with Marc.”

Last month, Marc pleaded guilty to child endearment resulting in death and three counts of kidnapping. Sabrina’s adoptive brother Justin Ray and adoptive grandmother Carla Bousman also took plea deals and are currently serving time for their roles in her death. Cousin Josie Bousman is still awaiting trial.

“As far as I am concerned, I hope they never come back to Perry,” Butlar said.

Given Wednesday’s guilty plea, the Mayor of Perry hopes the community can move on.

“It’s finally coming to an end and that justice is taking place with the people who caused this terrible tragedy,” Mayor John Andorf said.

Marc and Misty Ray will be sentenced Friday January 18, 2019.