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IOWA  —  The low unemployment rate in Iowa is proving to be a big help for a group of potential job candidates.

Job placement specialists in Iowa working with people who are disabled say a shrinking pool of workers is opening up jobs for others, but it all has to do with the employer. Experts say more businesses are willing to work with those who can only do specific jobs.

A woman who works with the gas station Kum & Go says stores across the state are now hiring disabled workers.

“Now that I’m working with so many other companies in Iowa County, I can use this as, ‘hey, I work with Kum & Go, we do this at Kum & Go, so maybe it would work for you,'” said Goodwill job placement specialist Jamie Lillie.

Lillie says other companies are also opening up similar positions.

DES MOINES, Iowa — “How do you go about rigging a lottery?” asked Gus Fritschie at DEF CON 25. “Obviously, you become a lottery developer, write code, and have your friends buy the winning numbers,” he continued, answering his own question.

That’s what Eddie Tipton did, but he got caught, in large part because he bought one of the tickets himself in a store that had video and audio surveillance. But before he was caught and convicted, the then-head of IT at the Multi-State Lottery Association scammed millions of dollars in jackpots in numerous states, creating one of the largest lottery scams ever.

It’s because Tipton rigged the system that Antoinett McGregor isn’t confident everything is on the up and up with the lottery anymore.

“I don’t play the lottery anymore because of the man stealing the money,” said McGregor. “I used to play a lot, but why play if you know you’re not gonna win?”

But John Lee Miller Sr. isn’t going to let the Tipton situation deter him from playing the lotto.

“Well, you know, everybody’s still playing,” he said. “There’s one bad apple in every bunch. So, you know, thank God he got caught.”

Gary Dickey, Managing Member of Dickey & Campbell Law Firm in Des Moines, is suing the Multi-State Lottery Association.

“Anybody who purchased a lottery ticket is guaranteed, according to the rules of the game, to have a random drawing,” said Dickey. “And what we know from Eddie Tipton’s circumstances is that in certain games, that is not what they were given.”

Dickey is representing a Burlington, Iowa, resident seeking a class action lawsuit on behalf of all players who were cheated out of potential lottery winnings.

“As part of our litigation, we’ve asserted that because of Eddie Tipton’s actions, that the lottery games were rigged and therefore people should be entitled to get their money back,” said Dickey.

Dickey says the public should be concerned about the integrity of lotto drawings, but the Iowa Lottery says its games are fair and offer everyone the same shot at winning.

“I know here at the Iowa Lottery, that this case proved to be our best day in the end,” said Mary Neubauer. “In terms of the information that we learned from it and the improvements that we were able to make.”

Neubauer says there are greater checks and balances that have been put in place, such as greater separation of duties and more detailed processes within drawings themselves. She could not reveal much beyond that, though, as she said it would be like giving away the keys to the kingdom.

CLIVE, Iowa – Police have identified a suspect they say is responsible for multiple burglaries at a cell phone store.

The suspect, 21-year-old Lual Doud, is wanted for several break-ins at the Mobile Spot at 8421 University Boulevard. They say the store has been broken into at least three times over the last four months.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Doud on multiple charges of burglary and theft. Police say he is already wanted for escape and probation violations.

If you have any information about Doud’s location you’re asked to contact your local law enforcement agency.

Drake has won 21 straight, but the Bulldogs have to play at national power Texas A&M Friday.

Drake is the 13 seed, A&M the 4.



DES MOINES, Iowa — Robert House was riding the bus, on his way home from downtown, when he saw the house he’s lived in on East 15th St. for a decade, on fire.

“And got to the overpass and seen it and i just started crying,” said House. “This is the second time we’ve lost everything.”

The last house Robert lived in was destroyed by flames. A little girl who was also living in that house at the time (Czu Toffoi) perished in that fire, in April of 2009.

“‘It`s been hard to forget,” said House. “Now, it brings everything back like it happened yesterday.”

Fortunately, no one died in Wednesday’s house fire, thanks to the heroic actions of a couple of people who were nearby.

Melissa Farrell and her nephew, 10 year-old Jesse Kaufman, were at a house just around the corner when they noticed their neighbor’s house was on fire. The two had been preparing to go fishing, but once they noticed the nearby house on fire, they sprang into action.

Nancy May was inside the house, taking a nap, when she was alerted to the fire by Farrell and Kaufman, who came banging on the door and yelling. May was able to get out, but another man who lives at the house was still inside.

“And, we go around to the side and they keep pointing towards the window and saying someone else is in there,” said Farrell.

Farrell busted the window with her own hands to get the man’s attention and tell him to get out, and has the cuts to show for it. But, busting the window wouldn’t be enough to save the day.

“And he still wasn`t communicating with me, like he wasn’t understanding what I was saying to him,” said Farrell. “I don`t know, but I went back in and got him out.”


The Fire Department says the cause of the fire is under investigation.

Wednesday, the Drake Bulldogs left Des Moines for College Station, Texas where they’ll play A&M in the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament.

Meantime, the Drake men learned who they’ll play next in the College Insider Tournament: Northern Colorado. It’s the Bulldogs and Bears from Greeley, Colorado Sunday at 4 PM.

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa  —  A metro donut shop is working to refund dozens of customers whose credit cards were charged without their knowledge.

The Dunkin’ Donuts store on SE University Avenue in West Des Moines says a computer glitch in its credit card processing system charged customers’ card on days they didn’t purchase anything. The store’s franchisee insists the charges are not fraudulent. Currently, 30 customer cases are under investigation. Officials were made aware of the issue on Monday.

Customer Andy Collmann says he was charged at least twice. He says while the charges were small, it’s a reminder to pay close attention to your bank account.

“I just think it’s the nature of the beast anymore. Fortunately it was just a couple bucks. If it was a couple hundred dollars, that would have been an entirely different story for a lot of people’s bank accounts,” he says.

Store officials advise anyone who has visited Dunkin’ Donuts in recent months to check their bank statements. If a customer notices anything specious, contact the store or file a complaint online. Officials did not give a timeline on when the money would be refunded.

New Iowa Speedway President David Hyatt started and has more than 30 years of experience broadcasting and promoting NASCAR.

Hyatt sees a day when a Cup race comes to Iowa Speedway. He tells Channel 13’s Chad Kendall that the top drivers love the Newton experience.

The racing season at Iowa Speedway begins in June.


Niko Medved interrupted Murphy’s Law Sunday with a correction for Keith Murphy.

In this week’s What’s Bugging Andy, Andy Fales adjusts to Selection Sunday with no men’s teams on the radar.