Brooklyn Residents Rally To Cheer On Team And Bring Mollie Tibbetts Home

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BROOKLYN, Iowa– Spectators at BGM Highschool’s first football scrimmage in Brooklyn, didn’t just want to win, bringing Mollie Tibbetts home safe was also top of mind.

It wasn’t like any other Friday night football game, the mood at this BGM Highschool scrimmage was somber.

The crowd watching the team and number four Scott Tibbetts work to take home a victory.

“He is able to do something that makes him happy to get his mind off of it,” Mollie’s cousin Morgan Collum said.

Get his mind off reality, as Kay Knight worked to find his sister, Mollie.

“It’s the start of the school year it’s the first football game but, Mollie is not forgotten,” resident Kay Knight said.

Mollie graduated from BGM High in 2017, her former class is selling these bracelets.

“The color was her favorite color; the bible verse was her favorite bible verse.

The bracelet reads #stongertogether, it’s a testament to the community.

“It just brings us all together to support Mollie, her family, and her friends we are just one big family,” Knight said.

Mollie’s cousin Morgan Collum is thankful the community is keeping Mollie top of mind.

“I think Mollie is in the back of all of our minds and while we are able to sit here and cheer them on, she is still there as she should be,” Collum said.

Knight has sold more than 100 bracelets, they cost $2.00 and all proceeds go to Mollie’s family.

The reward for Mollies safe return home far exceeds $300,000.