Beaverdale Resident’s Proactive Approach Nets Sex Offender Peeping Into Windows

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DES MOINES, Iowa — It has been a summer Beaverdale resident Cassandra Hohl won’t soon forget.  “I walked over to the window and there was someone standing on top of the box that i put my cushions from my deck in,” said Cassandra.

In July, Cassandra noticed someone staring at her outside of her back window as she was changing for the night.  She said, “I panicked, I grabbed my phone and ran into the bathroom because it’s the only room in the house without a window.”

It left Cassandra feeling extremely uncomfortable in her own bedroom forcing her to spend three months on the couch.  “Just knowing if someone gets in I would have two ways to get out of the house.  In my bedroom there is just no way to get out,” said Cassandra.  So she decided to take that power back.  “I ordered some cameras and extra lighting and my house looks like a football field at night now,” Cassandra said.

Two months later in September her security system’s motion sensors went off but Cassandra’s reaction wasn’t one of panic.  “I’m done being scared. I’m angry,” said Cassandra.

This time her proactive measures caught the man on camera.  “He was standing out back by my stairs nearby where he was before and I saw it as it was happening.”

He left before police could arrive but Cassandra used the video to take to her neighborhood association on social media where it was viewed thousands of times.  “Four people I’ve never met, random people recognized him and gave me the same name,” said Cassandra.

Police arrested Ricardo Tyrone Scott a registered sex offender on trespassing and violating his sex offender registration.  Cassandra said, “His history, you have to take into account and the fact he made two trips to the home.  Without a doubt in our mind he was ramping himself up to do something else and she prevented herself from being a victim.”

Cassandra’s message to anyone afraid to take the measures she took to protect her home is simple.  She said, “Whether or not the surveillance cameras and security system ever end up serving the purpose they are supposed to, it is peace of mind. you cannot put a price on that.”

Cassandra credits the detective on the case for making her feel more secure in her home.  Ricardo Scott has an arraignment hearing set for November 5th at 8:30 am.