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IOWA CITY, Iowa — A new development in Iowa City is now back to square one.

The Hodge-Hieronymus Square development caught fire Tuesday afternoon with flames shooting from the partially-completed building.

Firefighters rescued one construction worker without injury.

The planned development involved two 7-story towers featuring apartments, a hotel and retail space.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

DES MOINES, Iowa — A first-of-its-kind bill was introduced at the Iowa Legislature. It aims to protect Iowans born with an intersex condition.

The bill prevents doctors from performing non-medically necessary surgeries on intersex minors who cannot give consent.

Nationwide, intersex people make up one percent of the population.

“Some people are born, and you can immediately tell that their genitalia do not necessarily fit with what we consider to be male on the one side or female on the other side,” Rep. Liz Bennett of Cedar Rapids said. “These types of surgeries can impact a person for their entire life. They can be psychologically harmful. They can be physically harmful.”

There is no word yet if the bill will be heard in the House subcommittee.