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DES MOINES, Iowa — Amid an investigation into claims of sexual harassment, an audit report shows the Iowa Finance Authority (IFA) was also misspending money.

“We found that many of the harassing activity occurred while on business travel, and while Mr. Jamison and others were consuming a lot of alcohol. There was information in the State Auditor’s finding about improper alcohol purchases including during the work day and on travel,” said Mark Weindhardt of Weindhardt Law Firm.

Des Moines attorney Mark Weinhardt investigated the sexual harassment claims that led to the governor firing IFA Director David Jamison back in March. Weinhardt says the state audit backs up those claims.

It shows former IFA director David Jamison misspent more than a half million dollars. Nearly $27,000 of that on credit card purchases and $5,300 in travel expenses. The report says the largest amount of money, some $328,000, was misspent on payroll.

“We also found that Mr. Jamison had very aggressively increased the compensation of several employees at IFA. The employees he tended to do this with were younger and female,” Weinhardt said.

The interim IFA director released a statement saying in part:

“It reinforced that unconscionable actions and poor judgments took place in the past. Moving forward, we’re focused on ensuring integrity and safeguards are firmly integrated throughout IFA.”

We reached out to David Jamison and the governor for comment and have not heard back.

DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines Police Department detectives are investigating the deaths of an adult male and adult female found within a Des Moines residence. Police say the deaths are being investigated as homicides.

Des Moines police have identified the victims as 54-year-old Gaylord George Jolly, Jr. and 49-year-old Tracy Linn Adams. Officials say they sustained multiple sharp-force injuries from their nephew and son, 30-year-old Joshua Lee Adams.

Gaylord George Jolly, Jr. is an uncle to Joshua Adams. Tracy Adams is Joshua Adams’ mother.

Joshua Adams now faces two counts of first-degree murder.

At approximately 3:41 p.m. Friday, Des Moines Police Department patrol officers and the Des Moines Fire Department responded to the 3900 block of E. 26th Street to investigate a report of an assault. Officers arrived and found Jolly and Adams deceased.

The case has been referred to the Polk County Attorney’s Office for prosecution.