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AMES, Iowa-The new production called NOEL the Musical will open Friday night at Stephens Auditorium. NOEL is on a tour of the Midwest, 20 cities, including Akron OH, Cedar Rapids, and Modesto CA.

This musical was born out of a meeting arranged by a mutual friend to dinner in Ames.

“Michael moved here 5 years ago,we were introduced by a friend, a common friend, who told me I know a guy who sings you ought to meet him,” said Steve Peters of Venueworks in Ames, the company which is producing the project.

“I know a guy who runs theaters you know, in our game you hear that all the time,” said Michael Londra, one of the co-producers of NOEL.

A mutual friend brought the two together.

“Took her about six months to actually convince us to meet, she threw a nice dinner for us at her house, we clicked,” said Peters.

“As soon as we sat down, we clicked, we knew what we both wanted to do,” said Londra.

The two worked around an idea for a Christmas musical. They found a writing duo from Ireland to come up with words and a music. In Londra’s hometown Wexford Ireland, they held concert versions of the basic musical.

The National Opera House sold out a week’s performances.

The little girl Noel, 10 years old, has lost her Mom. Her mom has disappeared,” said Peters. “At the same time Noel is supposed to sing the lead in the local community Christmas production that Santa left Christmas five years earlier, and stopped delivering presents.”

NOEL the Musical will be in Ames Friday night for one performance at 7:30 at Stephens Auditorium.

DES MOINES, Iowa — From Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! public health campaign, to the Healthiest State Initiative idea of 5-2-1-0, to a program called CATCH, there are lots of programs and ideas and different kinds of curriculum: all aimed at getting kids moving, eating the right things, and staying healthy.

And in an effort to educate students and equip them with the skills and knowledge that they need to lead a healthy lifestyle, the Iowa Department of Education is seeking the public’s input on proposed physical education and health standards.

“We are the last state to be going through this process and actually putting forth standards at the state level,” said Brian Rhoads, co-chair of the Physical Education and Health Standards Review Team says many school districts across the state already have standards in place, that they’ve adopted or modified from the national standards.

“It`s not that there haven’t been standards in place within the programs,” said Rhoads. “But, now we will have a consistent set of standards that is recommended by the state, which I think will bring increased rigor and increased learning within our classrooms.”

Rhoads says the standards will guide the instruction that occurs in K-12 health and physical education in Iowa.

“We`ve been pushing for it for quite some time and we`re finally there,” said Rhoads. “So, it’s an exciting time for us, as physical education and health teachers, to have the opportunity to be seen as more relevant and important in the lives of our students, as they move forward with their health and physical education.”