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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  State Auditor Mary Mosiman says the state of Iowa likely saved more than $100 million thanks to privatized Medicaid management in the last year.  However a Story County Democrat says there’s something missing in her math.

Mosiman released a review of three different estimates of savings due to the state’s privately managed Medicaid system.

In January 2017 the Governor’s Office estimated savings under the new system to be $234 million.

In November 2017 the Iowa Department of Human Services estimated the savings at $47 million.

Then in May 2018 the DHS released a revised estimate, placing the savings at $141 million.

State Auditor Mosiman says there were flaws with the accounting that lead to the first two estimates.  However, Mosiman says the third estimate followed proper accounting practices and is the most accurate estimate.

State Representative Lisa Heddens, a Story County Democrat who is ranking member on the Human Services Budget Committee, says there is a big figure missing from the DHS estimate: denied services.

“The report does not include millions in unpaid claims that the out-of-state companies owe to providers or the services that have been denied to thousands of Iowans, including our seniors and those with disabilities,” Heddens wrote in a statement released Monday, “It`s time for the Legislature to work together and fix this broken system next session. Iowans deserve it.”

When Channel 13 spoke with Governor Kim Reynolds about the report she said she did not have time to take a look at the report yet, but privatization of Medicaid is not just about saving money and she believes her administration is on the right track.

“It’s not about the savings. It’s really about making sure we have a program that is sustainable. That’s a component of it, but we want to make sure we are taking care of our providers. They’re getting paid in a timely manner, but most importantly that Iowans are getting the services that they need and we are starting to get the outcomes that we hope for,” Gov. Reynolds said.

AMES, Iowa- Two weeks ago Cabin Coffee opened in Ames. On Monday the business held it’s Grand Opening with an Ames Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting.

The Clear Lake based Cabin Coffee has opened stores in six states, and six in Iowa. They have expanded from Clear Lake to Mason City, Lisbon, Waterloo, and Forest City.

It was the Forest City location, which opened 10 years ago, which caught the attention of Paul and Tammy Jacobson.

“Seven years ago my husband had gone out for breakfast with his mom in Forest city Iowa at a Cabin Coffee there he saw one of their brochures for franchising, said Tammy Jacobson. “I love the atmosphere I love the warm welcoming feeling the customers receive when they come in, its like a home.”

Brining Cabin Coffee to Ames took a while. Around two years they looked for a location.

“You have to have a good location, a good drive through, you must have a certain amount of traffic flow, that helps,” said Jacobson. “Also having businesses close by we love the idea being close to the interstate for interstate travelers.”

Tammy Jacobson spent 13 years as head cook at a local daycare.

“I’ve always love working with food and enjoyed serving food,” said Jacobson. “It brings me joy and happiness when I make something yummy and I share it with somebody, it warms my heart.”

Paul Jacobson works at Cabin Coffee as well, but still is a High School Guidance Counselor at Gilbert High School.

“He is helping me on the side he’s been a great support and I’m very grateful for him,” said Tammy. ‘My family too they’ve also been a great support.”

Jacobson likes the fact that Cabin Coffee roasts its own coffee beans on site.

“Coffee is like the liquid amber that sustains life,” said Jacobson. “It helps people bring joy into their lives, so, that’ what we like to do.”

Cabin Coffee is located at 2721 E 13th Street in Ames of I-35