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DES MOINES, Iowa–  Sexual misconduct allegations ended Nate Boulton’s campaign for Governor and could end up costing him his seat in the Iowa Senate.

Boulton represents Iowa’s 16th District it covers much of Des Moines, he’s preparing to return to senate when the session begins in January 2019.

The formal ethics complaint filed by Sharon Wegner is causing Senate Democratic Leader Janet Petersen to ask Boulton to resign.

Is a statement Sen. Petersen says “I believe that sexual harassment and misconduct should not be tolerated by anyone, anywhere. Also, stated that I would support a full, independent investigation into allegations against Senator Boulton”.

According to the ethics complaint obtained by the Des Moines Register Wegner accuses Boulton of grabbing her in a bar back in November 2015.

Two other women have also made sexual misconduct allegations against Boulton.

Boulton has rejected calls for him to resign.

In July, Boulton released a statement saying, “I remember these situations differently with a differing context but declined to share more to avoid shaming blaming or excuse making. I cannot apologize enough for the heartache caused by the stories of those who came forward”.

Next in the investigation, Boulton can either admit or deny the allegation, object the allegations violate the Iowa Code of Ethics, or ask a more specific statement of the allegation.

Once Boulton does that the Ethics Committee could dismiss the complaint, reprimand Boulton, or expel him from the Iowa Senate.

We also reached out to the Wegner but have not heard back.

Republican Senator Jerry Behn was unable to provide us with the complaint.

OSCEOLA, Iowa- The tornadoes  which stuck Pella on July 19th had an impact on a company in Osceola.

SIMCO General Manager Darren Swolley saw the coverage on TV, and got to thinking about his company, which builds well drilling equipment.

“If that were ever to happen here, we really didn’t have anything we could do, like they had,” said Swolley. “I started researching storm shelters to find something we could put in.”
He located a company in Joplin MO, which sold and installed three shelters, each weighing 26,000 pounds. The cost was around $15,000, though SIMCO did some of the dirt work on the project.

Each shelter is rated to withstand an EF-5 tornado, and holds 18 people, SIMCO has 22 employees. SIMCO wanted to have extra room for future growth, or for visitors to the plant.

“I hope it something that were never going to have to use but it does make us feel a whole lot better that we have them,” said Swolley.