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POLK CITY, Iowa — Over 80 Polk County veterans are getting a free Thanksgiving meal delivered right to their door thanks to the Polk City American Legion Riders Post 232.

The Legion Riders were looking for a way to give back this season, and what better way than vets helping vets.

“Some of these guys are struggling to get through every day, so if we can help that and make their day special for Thanksgiving that’s what we wanted to do,” Vice President of the Legion Post 232, Chad Rumbaugh said.

So they came up with a new program, Holidays for Heroes.

“We’re supplying them a full Thanksgiving meal that they can prepare in their own home with their family and friends,” President of the Legion Post 232, John Kimrey said.

From a full turkey, to a pie, and every classic Thanksgiving side in between; over 80 veterans will be stocked for the holiday.

“We got with a couple of our members here and the Veterans Outreach Center in Des Moines and so they had a list of veterans that were shut in, in the Polk County area. So when they go there for their medical appointments or to check in to get their VA benefits and stuff, we had a list set up so they could sign up,” Rumbaugh said.

Today they delivered their first box to a fellow Legion member just a few doors down in Polk City.

“Very emotional and heart wrenching. He was very thankful as we were thankful to be able to do this for him. We thanked him for his service and he thanked us. We could see the joy that it brought him instantly. He was very, very, very grateful for it,” Kimrey said.


It took about $3,000 worth of donations to make these meals. The rest of the boxes will be delivered Sunday all across the Polk County area.

DES MOINES, Iowa — The House Democrats elected Charles City attorney Todd Prichard to lead them in 2019. Prichard, an Army veteran, was elected to his seat in 2013.

“Our job as the minority is to keep the majority accountable, it’s to work with them where we can, it’s to offer our own suggestions and ideas and I’m hopeful they’ll be open to that” said Representative Prichard.

The newly elected Prichard doesn’t have the easiest job ahead of him.  Republicans control the house, the senate, and the governor’s office, but he believes there are issues on the table they can work on in a bipartisan fashion.

“I think we have a lot of work to do with mental health and Medicaid in Iowa. We are very open to those ideas, we want to solve those ideas, that is a true crisis. I still think there’s work to do on water quality, the budget is always going to be an issue, implementation of the tax changes and adjustments from that” he said.

Newly elected House Minority Whip Jo Oldson says while often times democrats will not have the votes to pass or block legislation, they still have an important job to do.

“Our job is to continue to push forward and tell Iowans what the other side of the coin is, to make sure that they hear the total message and know what the consequences are of any vote that is taken and any piece of legislation, and that’s what we’ll continue to do” said Oldson.

Meanwhile, outside the Capitol, Prichard says he wants his team talking to voters across the state, not just in democratic strongholds.

“This isn’t an urban or rural job, this is an all Iowa job, so we’re looking to connect to people wherever they are” he said.

Prichard ran for governor during the democratic primary, he dropped out of the race to seek re-election in the house.