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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa  —  West Des Moines Police have released body camera video – in its entirety – to clarify their stance on the arrest of a campaign worker who claims he was racially profiled while canvassing a neighborhood.

Officers say the initial caller told them Keilon Hill was going door to door in the 5700 block of Aspen Drive taking pictures of homes.  They also told officers he was dressed in clothing that was too warm for the weather and looked suspicious.

Video from Officer Clint Ray’s body camera shows his interaction with Hill who was seated on a rock when the encounter began.  Ray continues to ask Hill to stop and explain why he is in the neighborhood but Hill refuses and tucks his campaign flyers into his coat.  Hill continually refuses to identify himself and eventually is charged with Interference or Harassment with a Public Official.

13Raw: Watch the entire body camera video (Warning: Extreme Language)

Officers say there are times when you can walk away from the police but in this situation a criminal charge was justified.  “It changes when something has occurred someone has called and we owe our community the responsibility to make sure there is no crime that has taken place we can report back and say this is who it is and why they are here,” says West Des Moines Police Chief Chris Scott, “In this scenario that could have been the outcome but if an officer says you aren’t free to leave, you aren’t free to leave.”

The video was released at the West Des Moines CityCouncil’s request after citizens demanded to see the full body camera video.

Keilon Hill is scheduled for a court appearance on the charge December 6th.

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa- This weekend Marshalltown will continue it’s traditional Holiday Stroll through the downtown area from 4-8 pm, Saturday November 17.

The celebration is named “Light up the Night,” for this year.

“We want to celebrate with no loss of life people, are getting back into buildings and businesses are opening so we want to have a celebration,” said Jenny Etter, Executive Director of the Marshalltown Central Business District, a Main Street Office. “Ninety-five percent of the buildings in the downtown really took a hit, what I’m excited about is the opportunity that we have now to do some of the things that we haven’t had before.”

Etter said many of the business owners are making improvements to their buildings which they had considered before, but now the tornado repair is prompting these changes.

One change is that the storm ripped the facades from two buildings revealing an original design long forgotten.

Also downtown businesses are opening up after the storm.

“Yes, almost all of our restaurants,” said Etter. “The one everybody is excited and waiting for is Sub City, to open up, they’re looking a probably a December First open date.”

Enter said she is thankful to all the private citizens who donated money to her office to help downtown businesses recover. The Central Business District Office has a grant program which businesses can apply for. Over $70,000 was given to this effort.

“To help them with signage with things they need to upgrade their buildings,’ said Etter.