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DES MOINES, Iowa — Forty-eight hours, that’s all the time left for candidates to make their final case to Iowans for Election Day. Sunday some Democratic candidates gathered at one event to offer a joint appeal.

“I want Iowans to feel compelled to participate in this go round because this is about our state. This is about the future of our state and the future leadership of our state,” Democratic Secretary of State candidate Deidre DeJear said.

Third Congressional District candidate Cindy Axne joined candidates DeJear, Tim Gannon for Secretary of Agriculture, and Rob Sand for State Auditor at the “Souls for the Polls” event at the Corinthian Baptist Church in Des Moines.

More than 20 percent of all registered voters have cast their ballot, according to the Iowa Secretary of State’s office, but Democratic candidates say the bulk of their voters turnout on Election Day. That’s why they asked 150 church members to knock on doors and encourage others to vote.

“As I’ve traveled to all 99 of Iowa’s counties, people I think are very engaged in this election because they know that there is a lot on the line in terms of education, in terms of health care, and in terms of agriculture,” Gannon said.

“Make sure that everyone gets out to vote. That’s what I’m doing these next few days is encouraging everybody to get to the polls,” Axne said. “This is the most important election of our lifetimes and we have so much at stake and we need to make sure we make the right choice up and down the ticket.”

“I want everyone to know I’m out there to work for Iowa and not political party leadership corporations or the wealthy,” she added.

Axne’s opponent, Congressman David Young, is taking a different approach in the final days of his re-election campaign with Senator Joni Ernst going door to door asking for Iowan’s votes. Today he made stops in Red Oak and Waukee reminding voters Iowa is heading in the right direction with the economy high and unemployment low.

“Iowans are excited about myself knocking on their door, coming up to their house and asking for their vote and I’m working hard to do that. People appreciate that and in Iowa. We take our policy and politics very seriously,” Young said.

“Consumer confidence is strong out there, our economy is strong, unemployment is low. Why would we want to change the direction we are moving in. It doesn’t make sense to support someone who wants to take us back in time,” Ernst said.

DES MOINES, Iowa–The polls are close. The candidates are traveling all over the state as they try to become Iowa’s next governor race and race to the finish Tuesday night.

See the latest Des Moines Register Mediacom Iowa Poll here. 

Candidates: Republican Kim Reynolds, Democrat Fred Hubbell, Libertarian Jake Porter, Clear Water Party of Iowa Gary Siegwarth.

Watch Political Director Dave Price go on the road with Reynolds and Hubbell on their rv’s. 

Iowa’s First Congressional District features a Republican incumbent who is looking for a third term in office and a Democratic state lawmaker who would become the first woman the state sends to the U.S. House.

Candidates: Republican Rod Blum, Democrat Abby Finkenauer, Libertarian Troy Hageman.

The Second Congressional District pits a six-term incumbent Democrat against a second-time Republican candidate.

Candidates: Democrat Dave Loebsack, Republican Christopher Peters, Libertarian Mark David Strauss, No Party Daniel Clark.

The Third Congressional District offers a contest between a two-term Republican and a first-time Democratic challenger.

Candidates: Republican David Young, Democrat Cindy Axne, Libertarian Bryan Jack Holder, Green Party Paul Knupp, Legal Medical Now Mark Elworth Jr, No Party Joe Grandanette.

The Fourth Congressional District has an 8-term incumbent Republican against a first-time candidate Democrat.

Candidates: Republican Steve King, Democrat J.D. Scholten, Libertarian Charles Aldrich, No Party Edward Peterson.

(Please note that the total number of registered Democrats and registered Republicans were mistakenly reversed in this original graphic in the following video).

Three statewide races are each unique in their own way.

Control of the Iowa Legislature is also up for grabs, but only if Democrats make sizable gains versus the current Republican  majority.

(Dave Price inadvertently referred to senate candidate Amber Gustafson as an “anti gun advocate.” Gustafson was the former Iowa leader of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America).

Both Governor Kim Reynolds and Fred Hubbell highlight their backgrounds as part of their campaigns for governor.

Insiders Mike Mahaffey and Jerry Crawford make their predictions for election night.