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LAFAYETTE, Colo.  A backyard dispute is keeping residents of one Colorado neighborhood from getting an internet upgrade.

A neighbor is refusing to allow workers access into his backyard to install fiber optics cables unless he gets paid.

Andrew O’Connor said, “It’s about a big corporation bullying people and trying to run over people.” The Lafayette resident says he is not allowing Comcast in his backyard to install higher quality fiber optics on principle.

He says the company was unprofessional when they first asked to install the upgrade.

Now he says it will take much more than an apology. It will take cold hard cash.

He says Comcast has told his neighbors he’s the one holding up their internet upgrades.

Comcast sent KDVR this statement about this dispute Thursday night:

“We are in Lafayette doing work to bring fiber closer to homes as part of our Advanced Fiber Network project. This will benefit the city and its residents with enhanced network capacity, speed and reliability. We have an existing franchise agreement with the City that gives us clear authority to access valid rights of way and easements to maintain or upgrade our infrastructure to ensure our customers’ broadband and communications services are not negatively impacted. We are working directly with the City to enforce those rights, and to educate this resident so we can complete our work in the area. As part of this project, we’ve been providing regular and ongoing communications to residents in Lafayette in advance of work in their area – and information is available on the Lafayette website as well.”

DES MOINES, Iowa — It’s opening day for wild pheasant hunting in Iowa and the pastime is having an effect on small businesses.

“We love this place, came up about five years ago, stayed in the lodge had a good time, took a lot of birds, great people, it’s a great vibe” said Carter Arey.

Arey and his family got up early to go pheasant hunting at Doc’s Hunt Club in Adel. While the preserve allows hunters to go out before the official start of wild pheasant season, they say some hunters use them as a tune up.

“A lot of people show up here in September and the first half of October to just get their dog on some birds, make sure they remember what they’re doing, and get the season started right” said Aaron Nelson.

Nelson helps run the preserve which is kept stocked with pheasant, quail, and other poultry.  He says despite conventional thinking a good wild population helps his business.

“A lot of people think I don’t want wild birds, I do. If there aren’t any wild birds at all everybody loses interest in everything and even places like this don’t really happen. There’s gotta be some wild birds, it keeps people buying dogs, getting their kids into hunting, things like that. If that all disappears than we don’t have anything” he said.

The population count is said to be one of the highest in the past 10 years, and local gun shops have noticed.

Definitely an increase in shotgun sales. I’ve probably sold more shotguns this year than probably the past six years” said Maciej Hofman.

Hofman works at JT Guns and Supply in Des Moines. He says a good pheasant season means more youth trying it out, and more youth means building a future customer base.

“You start ‘em young and they kind of keep going and they can do it every year and it’s something fun to do” he said.

Carter Arey says he can attest to that.

“Well this is kind of how the whole family grew up was pheasant hunting and you hear stories from my uncles and grandparents taking them out and stuff like that and so this is kinda continuing that trend” he said.

According to hunters should see increased population across Iowa, but the best places will be in the northwest, north-central and southeastern parts of the state.