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TATE COUNTY, Miss. – A Mississippi man wants answers after he says two Tate County sheriff’s deputies entered his home uninvited and one demanded he stop filming them.

Cardravious Crump had just hosted a Halloween costume party at his mother’s house about an hour before the deputies arrived Sunday morning.

“Party went great. No problems, no nothing, no fights, no anything,” Crump told WREG.

But later that morning, he said he and his mother discovered two sheriff’s deputies had entered their kitchen without asking.

Crump said they mentioned underage drinking even though he said the party had already ended and then said they asked for IDs.

“I asked him nicely to step out. I said, ‘Well then, I can talk to you, but can you step outside?'” said Crump’s mother, Carla Echols.

But Echols said the deputies refused.

“So I cursed him out. I was like, ‘You gonna get the [expletive] out my house ’cause I did not tell you to come in here,'” she said.

That’s when Crump said he took out his phone and started recording.

One of the deputies responds by saying, “You can turn that off. You can turn that off.”

Crump, a 20-year-old business student, said he continued to record as the same deputy continued to demand he stop. It is not illegal in Mississippi to film a police officer.

“You’re gonna turn that off, get that out of my face,” the deputy says.

When Crump asks why, the deputy replies, “Because,” then says, “I just told you to turn it off. I’m not gonna tell you again.”

“I felt violated, being in my own home too,” Crump said.

The video rolls for only 49 seconds because after a final demand to stop filming, Crump finally relents.

“At the moment when he reached around his side, I didn’t know what he was reaching for, so I just stopped recording,” Crump said.

Crump said it turned out the deputy was reaching for his handcuffs, but neither Crump nor anyone else in the house were arrested.

Nevertheless, Crump said his story should serve as a learning experience.

“Learn your rights and don’t let an officer scare you just because he has a badge and a gun,” he said.

Tate County Sheriff Brad Lance said the deputy was wrong to ask Crump to turn off the camera.

“After a preliminary review of the facebook video, as well as the video from the deputy’s bodycam, I can say that my deputy erred in ordering the individual to turn off his camera,” Lance said in an email. “All citizens have the right to film law enforcement in the performance of their duties except in a very limited set of circumstances.”

The department is conducting an internal investigation and expects to have more answers in about a day, he said.

PLEASANT Hill, Iowa–  The Henderson’s from Pleasant Hill are waiting to see if their adopted daughter will continue to get the psychiatric treatment they believe she needs

The family says it’s been a long and tough road, but they are finally seeing progress.

“Taking whatever, she could and hitting me with it and physically punching me and kicking me trying to push me down the stairs,” resident Melissa Henderson said.

Melissa Henderson is talking about her 15-year-old adopted daughter.

“There would be days that she destroyed our house,” Melissa Henderson said.

The Henderson’s say their daughter was born opioid dependent.

Records show she is diagnosed with bipolar and Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD).

The state of Iowa gave her Medicaid for life and she has been in and out of mental health facilities almost her entire life.

“Well I am not leaving my child I want her to get the help she needs, and we couldn’t get it,” Melissa Henderson said.

That’s when the family turned to Calo which is a treatment facility in Missouri that specializes in RAD.

“We feel like we are on the right track and we believe we are on the right track. We know this place is helping our daughter when she comes home we can be a family again,” Dennis Henderson said.

The program cost $435 a day the family says without insurance they can’t afford it, and now their MCO United Healthcare doesn’t want to pay for it.

“United Healthcare is not denying that this child needs services, but United Healthcare believes that these services can be provided to this child out-patient,” attorney Jennifer De Kock said.

“Literally within a couple of months of AmeriHealth pulling out as an MCO and United Healthcare taking over they started questioning everything they were doing, and wanted her out of there,” Melissa Henderson said.

Back in April, United Healthcare sent a letter to the family denying inpatient benefits at Calo.

The Henderson’s appealed that decision and a judge ruled in their favor.

“It was not only the family’s opinion but also of the medical providers that she continue to need inpatient psychiatric care,” Attorney Jennifer De Kock said.

That wasn’t good enough for United Healthcare, the MCO wants Director of Medicaid Jerry Foxhoven to conduct another review.

“We are asking that director Foxhoven to let this decision stand,” Attorney Jennifer De Kock said.

DHS declined comment, and we reached out to United Healthcare and its attorney and have no heard back.

Foxhoven has agreed to review this case with no timeline about when a final decision will be made.

Attorney Jennifer De Kock says the worst case scenario is that the family will have to reimburse Medicaid more than $100,000.

The Hendersons’ hope this case paves the way for other families.