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DES MOINES, Iowa- Now that it’s October most are looking for the trees to begin showing some color. That has happened out at Ledges State Park.

According to the Iowa DNR, fall color peak is still a week away in northern and northeast Iowa, and around two weeks from peak in Central Iowa.

“Fall color is triggered by day length, when the chlorophyl starts breaking down in the leaves,” said DNR State Forester Jeff Goerndt. “Fall weather does have a big impact on fall color.”

This week Iowa will not see a whole lot of sunshine, which makes leaf viewing better.

Weather we are experiencing right now it’s cloudy days and sort of rainy, that’s going to lead to slower fall color development because that chlorophyll breaks down under sunlight,” said Goerndt.

Still those who made the trip to Ledges to see color, found it worthwhile.

“The colors of the leaves are changing, this ended up being a nice little hike for us,” said Orlando Vivone, of Des Moines. “It’s beautiful weather it’s perfect out, it’s just a little flooded out here, but other than that with the wildlife, and everything it made it a good hike.”

To find the latest from the Iowa DNR on fall colors, click here.



DES MOINES, Iowa — The award winning musical, Hamilton may have opened in Des Moines three months ago but the craze remains alive and well at Des Moines North inside Lori Bonstetter’s U.S. History class.  On Thursday 150 students, like Syana Lo an eleventh grader, will see the founding father’s story live in Minneapolis for a not so coincidental ten dollars a ticket.  “I got so interested because not a lot of students or schools get this opportunity, said Syana.

The pricing and bus transportation is thanks to those involved in Hamilton, local donors like Charles Gabus ford and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.  “I was shocked, but I’m pretty excited,” said Caleb Slater who will also be boarding that bus, along with his guitar.  The senior student was chosen for a solo performance in front of the Hamilton cast and crew.  He will perform a project depicting an American rebellion in the late 1780’s.  “My rap is from the perspective of the guy who led that named Daniel Shay and basically it’s him saying we are not paying these taxes and we are going to take over the government,” said Caleb.

Victor Kiiza has been in America for 8 months and is a refugee from the Congo. He says Alexander Hamilton’s story as a refugee with a lead role in defending the U.S. Constitution gives him motivation.  “When you look at Hamilton he’s one of the leaders in the constitution. He was among them. So there are refugees in Hamilton and I feel excited.  I can be like him,” said Victor.

For North students, Hamilton’s history is providing present day life lessons to not throw away your shot.  Syana said, “Even though people are knocking you down or there’s stuff in your way, you shouldn’t throw away your dream, you should go for it.”  History that is turning dreams into reality.

The buses will depart from Des Moines North high school at 5 am Thursday.  They will have a Q&A session with the cast followed by lunch.  Buses will return to Des Moines after the 1:30 pm performance is over.