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SAN DIEGO – A Goodwill employee found tens of thousands in cash hidden in a donation to the nonprofit, according to KGTV.

Jessee Diaz says it was just a normal day of taking donations at the San Diego facility. That was until he opened a slow cooker donated to the organization.

When he opened the slow cooker, “In the box there was tinfoil. I almost threw it in the trash,” says Diaz.

Upon further investigation, Diaz says beneath the tinfoil was five envelopes containing a total of $46,000 in cash.

Then began the process of tracking down the rightful owner of the money. After some digging, an owner was located.

A 79-year-old woman whose husband had just passed away. Her daughter-in-law took the boxes to Goodwill to help clear the clutter, unknowingly carrying the sum of money with.

So what was the money supposed to be used for? The couple was saving for a trip to visit family in Japan, but ended up saving a lot more.

CLIVE, Iowa–  Clive city leaders approved spending $1.2 million for the Flood-Prone Property Buyout Program.

Back in June, flood waters ripped through parts of Clive, it damaged homes, vehicles, businesses, and equipment.

Residents like John Jones say that wasn’t the first.

“The worst was back in 1986 when we had 14 to 16 inches in the house,” resident John Jones said.

Now, city leaders have adopted a program, it reserves money to buyout and demolish damaged properties.

The city says 65 properties qualify, but there is not enough money to buyout all of them.

“Identifies priorities with single dwelling residential being the highest priority in terms of those people that live in the properties,” Matt McQuillen Clive City Manager.

To qualify, properties must be built before 1976.

“A good large part of this neighborhood was developed before flood maps even existed in the 1970’s, so those pre-FIRM homes could be substantially affected by a 100-year flood event,” McQuillen said.

The city says, removing those properties is the best solution.

“That’s been the big conversation, do you spend a lot of money on infrastructure or buyouts? At this point we are choosing to remove people,” McQuillen said.

The program is voluntary, and the city plans to offer 110% of the assessed value.

If offered, people like Jones say he’ll take it.

The $1.25 million is coming out of the city’s cash reserves in the general fund.

The city is finalizing the application process and expects to mail all applications to property owners by October 8th. There will be an informational meeting scheduled for October 18th.

The city says if this phase one program works well, it could open the door for future buyouts.