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LAKEWOOD, N.J. — A motorist spotted an infant boy crawling across a busy street in New Jersey on Saturday and stopped in time to bring the child to safety, according to WPIX.

Corey Cannon, 43, of Eatontown, said he was on his way to work when he saw a child on all fours who had just crossed the yellow double line.

“I thought it was a toy or something until (the baby) moved,” he told Asbury Park Press in a message. “I knew I needed to get some sort of proof and my GPS was open on my phone, so I used my work vehicle to slow down traffic behind me and took the pic as I was exiting the vehicle and halting oncoming cars.”

Cannon got out of his car and secured the child on Joe Parker Road in Lakewood around 6 p.m., then he called 911, police said.

When officers arrived, Cannon told police that while he was tending to the child, a neighbor came by to pick up the boy and return him home.

Officers found that the infant’s parents did not realize he was missing until the neighbor returned the baby to his home. According to the Asbury Park Press, a woman at that residence where the baby lived said “it was an accident.”

The parents believed an older sibling may have left a door open, enabling the baby to crawl outside, police said.

“It’s horrible, and it’s not the parents’ fault because babies do climb out of cribs,” Mary Bauer, a resident of Lakewood, told WPIX.

Authorities are investigating the incident with assistance from the New Jersey Department of Child Protection and Permanency.

Abraham Lincoln standing outside at Gettysburg (iStock/Getty Images)

It could be a $6.5 million hat—but it might also not be.

WBEZ reports that the crown jewel of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum’s collection, Lincoln’s stovepipe hat, one of just three thought to still exist, may not have belonged to the 16th president after all.

Two reports obtained by the station found insufficient evidence to tie it to Lincoln. One was a 2013 report penned by top curators with the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and Chicago History Museum who sought to establish its historical provenance: The Springfield, Ill., museum had maintained that Lincoln gave the hat to an Illinois farmer in 1858, though a century later a descendant said the hat was given in 1861 during a visit to DC.

The report found “the current documentation is insufficient” to support either story and suggested the museum “soften its claims” or even try to return the hat.

It was acquired in 2007 as part of a mammoth $25 million purchase of Lincoln items by the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation, which runs separately from the museum.

The foundation in 2014 asked the FBI to see if DNA analysis could establish a tie to Lincoln. It relied on DNA from Lincoln’s hair and blood-spattered items from his assassination but found a “limited quantity of remaining DNA data” in the hat; most of what it recovered “was consistent with being contemporary DNA from an individual who had recently handled the item.”

The story gets thornier: Alan Lowe—the museum’s executive director since July 2016, per the Chicago Sun-Times—only recently learned about the reports, a timeline that he called “unacceptable” in a letter to the foundation. The foundation itself is mired in financial troubles tied to its 2007 buy, which currently has it $9.7 million in debt.

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