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DES MOINES, Iowa–  The Department of Human services faces yet another child abuse lawsuit.

Back in 2007, DHS placed SavannahRose Willow and two other foster kids with Paul and JoAnn Drake from Ankeny.

“For me JoAnn was more physical with me especially when you tried to run away,” Willow said.

Court documents show JoAnn pulled Willow by the hair, forcefully restrained her and, choked her.

Both Paul and JoAnn locked willow and other adopted kids in the basement, denied food and, encouraged Kaitlin Drake to take part in the abuse.

“There is a private civil action against the drakes, its Paul, Joann, and their adult daughter living in the home, Kaitlin,” Jennifer De Kock attorney at Wandro & Associates said.

The lawsuit claims DHS and its social workers knew or should have known about the abuse and did nothing to stop it.

This isn’t a first time the drakes have been accused of abuse.

According to the lawsuit a teacher at Ankeny Community School District reported signs of abuse to DHS in 2012.

After, the adopted kids were removed from the home and Paul and JoAnn Drake were charged in criminal court with two counts of neglect and two counts of false imprisonment, both received a deferred judgement.

Willow hopes her civil lawsuit sparks change.

“I want people to know what’s happening, I think when people hear about the foster care system or adoption they think all these great things but in reality, it’s not,” Willow said.

DHS and the Drakes were unable to comment on the lawsuit.

SavannahRose Willow is seeking monetary damages of $500,000.

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa- A Tornado ripped through Marshalltown July 19, tearing up downtown, and causing huge damage to two industrial plants there.

The storm also caused major damage to hundreds of homes. One at 15th and East Linn belonged to the LeRoy Himes Family. “We saw the roof coming off the buildings and we knew this was serious, and we needed to get downstairs now.”

The storm damaged the roof of their home and the windows, and water got inside the home.
The storm also totaled the family’s three vehicles.

“Rough estimate my KIA was worth $25.000, My HHR was worth $15,000 my PT Cruiser was worth $5000,” said Himes. “There was about $60 thousand dollars damage to the house.”
To top that off, Himes employer, Lennox Industries laid him off for six weeks.

“It was kind of rough, but it was kind of a blessing in disguise,” said Himes “To be able to work on my house over here, with issues with mortgage company holding up the finances this paper work didn’t get in,”

The family is still living with some friends until their house can be repaired.

“We’ve been so blessed by some many different people, by different organizations, by Samaritan’s Purse, by complete strangers, by the community itself,” said Himes. “The community has really banded together, which has encouraged me, I’ve lived in Marshalltown all my life, 48 years, it’s a blessing to see everybody come together and help each other.”