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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. — A Virginia man put up an electrified fence around his yard to keep students at a nearby bus stop off his property, according to WTVR.

The Sandston man — who only identified himself to WTVR as Bryan — said he was sick of children who cursed, fought, and littered at the bus stop.

“They don’t respect other peoples’ land,” Bryan said. “I pick up trash every day.”

The fence separated his front yard, on E. Berry Street and S. Wilson Way, from a Henrico County school bus stop.

Late Tuesday, Bryan had to take down the fence – not because of any potential danger it may pose to students and passersby – but because he had it running along county property that he thought was part of his yard.

“I went ahead and moved it today because it was not in the right place,” he said.

Bryan said trespassing and posted signs he put up years ago have made no impact.

“Nothing stops people,” he said.

He hoped the fenced — hooked up to a battery — would provide relief.

The fence – which went up just in time for the first day of school – caused an uproar on social media, and one neighbor told WTVR he was worried about the potential for someone getting hurt.

“I touched it, I got a slight shock, it wasn’t that great,” James Mehfoud, who owns homes in the neighborhood, said. “I understand his concern. I just don’t think he understood the neighbors’ concern about their kids. One of them could touch it, fall into it, and get shocked.”

Bryan said while he would consider erecting another fence, he hoped he would not have to do so.

“The message has gotten across,” he said. “Parents are posting and talking about it.”


DES MOINES, Iowa — Pharmacists and doctors say the price of insulin has steadily gone up for years and keeps rising.

“It’s not a shortage. We are a developed country and we’ve been having issues with prices of medicines. It’s been going back to the early 2000’s and now it’s insulin’s turn, which is taking a big toll on patients,” Drake Associate Professor Pharmacy Practice Jamie Pitlick said.

Doctors recently diagnosed Mark Verbrugge’s 6-year-old daughter, Claire, with type one diabetes.

“We noticed that she was always constantly telling us she was thirsty and we kind of put two and two together, did a little bit of online research and when you type in those two symptoms the first thing that pops up is type one diabetes,” Verbrugge said.

The family is already seeing how expensive living with this disease is.

“A vile lasts for about two weeks at a time. I want to say it’s like four viles we get in a pack and just that first initial cost that we with the meter, it was probably our most expensive trip we’ve ever made to the pharmacy,” Verbrugge said.

He said when they found out about the diagnosis he read an article about different insulin product price increases.

“Novolog raised by eight percent in just one year. So that goes from about $250 to $275 just in one year. Since 2001, I think it’s increased by 353 percent. So you hear a lot of stories about families having to make decisions about do we get groceries, do we pay the mortgage do we live,” Verbrugge said

He said they are thankful for great insurance that helps with the cost, but not everyone has that luxury.

Pitlick said there are ways to help those who are struggling.

“Sometimes we can get them samples. Sometimes you can go through that Safety Net organization and sometimes we can switch you to a older but cheaper type of insulin, but if we don’t get that phone call we can’t help,” Pitlick said

Pitlick said it’s important to call your doctor first so that they can help you through it.

Safety Net is an organization that helps people with prescriptions in Iowa.

You can find more information about Safety Net here.