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DES MOINES, Iowa–  A sump pump is sitting on the corner of 47th and Holcomb, it’s the city’s temporary solution to combat potential flooding.

Tomorrow the city is having a community meeting to come up with long-term solutions.

It’s in direct response to the flash floods back in June.

“I ended up with about seven feet of water in my basement,” resident Steve Wade said.

Back in June heavy rain forced feet of storm water into Wade’s neighborhood.

Wade and his neighbors say they did not receive aid from the city of Des Moines fast enough.

“They need to have somebody out here in the next two days I would have debris removal daily for a week,” Wade said.

At a July city council meeting council member Christopher Coleman agreed.

“I think that a policy is probably necessary and that we should probably think about it before the heat of the moment for exactly what we do when,” Des Moines City Council Member Christopher Coleman said.

That’s why on Tuesday, the city is having a community debriefing on its flash flood response, the city’s goal come up with an emergency disaster plan and to form a committee.

“We would like transparency don’t make all the decisions in a room someplace and not tell the neighbors what’s going on,” resident Jamie Smith said.

Wade and others say while they don’t know what will happen at the meeting, he’s glad the city is taking steps to learn from its mistakes.

“It shows that we are on their radar we have been on their radar before, and i think this time the neighbors are going to hold them accountable,” Wade said.

The meeting is Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at the Des Moines Public Library Central site.

All those interested can sign up for four subcommittees: communications, capital improvement projects/infrastructure, debris management and insurance.

If you’d like to sign up but can’t make the meeting, click here.


DES MOINES, Iowa — Rain caused the cancellation of the final game of the season for the Iowa Cubs. It was a disappointing end to the season, as fans were hoping to enjoy a nice ballgame on labor day at Principal Park. Instead, those fans just got wet and went home. There have been quite a few game cancellations this year due to weather. In fact, the team’s Assistant General Manager, Randy Wehofer, says that’s kind of been the story of this season.

“It`s been a record year for rain outs,” said Wehofer. “So, I guess we`ve come full circle from forcing in a double-header on opening day, because we knew it was gonna rain and snow the second day, to finishing with a rain out in two of the last three games. This what 2018, unfortunately, will be remembered for.”

Wehofer says tickets for today’s game and for Saturday’s game (which was also rained out), will be good for equal value rain vouchers next season, for any game other than the 4th of July.