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DES MOINES, Iowa — Steak, potato salad, baked beans and the push for a blue wave are what brought so many democrats together at Water Works Park on Saturday.

Even though the focus was about getting out to the polls, the hearings with Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh weighed heavily on those in attendance.

“American being pitted against American, which is basically what we saw this past week, and the degradation of our values and the notion of respect, it’s just terrible. So we really have to turn the page on this,” U.S. Representative, (D) Maryland, John Delaney said.

Many democratic legislators said they are frustrated and disgusted with how Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was treated during the hearings.

“Sitting in the room and looking at 11 male republican senators who were going to decide whether or not we women can actually have the right to have our allegations investigated, have the right to be seen as credible, that was heartbreaking. At that moment, we thought it was going to go through,” U.S. Representative, (D) Washington, Pramila Jayapal said.

And now an investigation is underway and the full senate vote is delayed.

If those two women, if Anna and Maria had not gone into that elevator with Jeff Flake we do not know that we would be in the position that we are today. So every action matters,” Alyssa Mastromonaco said.

With a record number of women on the ballot in Iowa, Jayapal said this is a call to action for all.

“Women rise up. Let’s erupt like a volcano. Let’s go to the polls. One vote at a time. Let’s put women in place who will never let this kind of thing happen, who will never let this be okay,” Jayapal said

The general election is 38 days away from Saturday.

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — The Des Moines Rugby Club took the field Saturday for their match against Iowa City, but they did so with more than winning on their minds.

“She’s pretty exceptional, and the fight that she goes through is nothing like the struggle we put out on the field every week. She’s kind of our hero today” said Coach Corey DeBord.

Saturday was the rugby club’s third annual cancer awareness match, and all proceeds will be going to Mackenzy Larson’s family. The Altoona teen was diagnosed with a form of bone cancer as a child. In November, she had her leg amputated, in July she had surgery to remove lesions from both lungs.

“Our conversation with the players is the same every week, go out there, perform, do your best, make yourself proud, make your family proud, but today we kinda added make Kenzy proud” said DeBord.

Right now there isn’t any sign of cancer in Larson, and the family wants to try an immunotherapy treatment, but it isn’t FDA approved. Insurance won’t cover it, and the family needs to raise $95,000 to start the process.

“With all the support I have I can tell how much I inspire people and that they inspire me just as much, and it’s really nice” said Larson.

Larson says it’s crucial that organizations across the country continue to support those with cancer.

“It is important ’cause there’s not just me out there, there are so many other kids out there fighting this, so it’s good that they have the support system as well” she said.

Des Moines rugby says they have no plans to stop.

“You know whatever we can do to help people we’re trying to find ways to do it instead of kinda thinking that this is a hooligan’s game. We want people to see us as a little bit of a lighter side of that and understand that we’re here to help and just be a part of the community more than just this club of rowdies” said DeBord.

The next fundraiser will be “Kenzy’s Carnival in the Park” on Sunday, October 7th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. It’s at Union Labor Park in Des Moines.

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SAN DIEGO – A Goodwill employee found tens of thousands in cash hidden in a donation to the nonprofit, according to KGTV.

Jessee Diaz says it was just a normal day of taking donations at the San Diego facility. That was until he opened a slow cooker donated to the organization.

When he opened the slow cooker, “In the box there was tinfoil. I almost threw it in the trash,” says Diaz.

Upon further investigation, Diaz says beneath the tinfoil was five envelopes containing a total of $46,000 in cash.

Then began the process of tracking down the rightful owner of the money. After some digging, an owner was located.

A 79-year-old woman whose husband had just passed away. Her daughter-in-law took the boxes to Goodwill to help clear the clutter, unknowingly carrying the sum of money with.

So what was the money supposed to be used for? The couple was saving for a trip to visit family in Japan, but ended up saving a lot more.

CLIVE, Iowa–  Clive city leaders approved spending $1.2 million for the Flood-Prone Property Buyout Program.

Back in June, flood waters ripped through parts of Clive, it damaged homes, vehicles, businesses, and equipment.

Residents like John Jones say that wasn’t the first.

“The worst was back in 1986 when we had 14 to 16 inches in the house,” resident John Jones said.

Now, city leaders have adopted a program, it reserves money to buyout and demolish damaged properties.

The city says 65 properties qualify, but there is not enough money to buyout all of them.

“Identifies priorities with single dwelling residential being the highest priority in terms of those people that live in the properties,” Matt McQuillen Clive City Manager.

To qualify, properties must be built before 1976.

“A good large part of this neighborhood was developed before flood maps even existed in the 1970’s, so those pre-FIRM homes could be substantially affected by a 100-year flood event,” McQuillen said.

The city says, removing those properties is the best solution.

“That’s been the big conversation, do you spend a lot of money on infrastructure or buyouts? At this point we are choosing to remove people,” McQuillen said.

The program is voluntary, and the city plans to offer 110% of the assessed value.

If offered, people like Jones say he’ll take it.

The $1.25 million is coming out of the city’s cash reserves in the general fund.

The city is finalizing the application process and expects to mail all applications to property owners by October 8th. There will be an informational meeting scheduled for October 18th.

The city says if this phase one program works well, it could open the door for future buyouts.

It was the end of a round of “Jeopardy!” and none of the questions in the “Video Games” category had been attempted.

When the contestants had no other choice than to give those questions a try, the reason why became clear. In what GameSpot calls a “cringe-worthy” and “hard-to-watch clip,” the players struggle to get the right answers—or even to answer at all—as host Alex Trebek lobs questions about Fortnite, Skyrim, and more.”

They saved the category for last for a reason, and by the last two clues they had the good sense to not even try to guess,” Digg notes.

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CEDARBURG, Wis. – A man who lost limbs from a rare infection linked to his dog’s saliva is home from the hospital and adjusting to a new life – but his love for his canine companion Ellie hasn’t changed.

“I couldn’t wait to see her when I got out of the hospital. We don’t want people to be scared of their dogs because of what happened to me,” Greg Manteufel said.

Manteufel said the experience was “pretty rough, but … ” also “uncommon,” his wife Dawn finished for him.

“I think within, what? Twenty-four hours? Our life was changed immediately,” said Dawn Manteufel.

More than a dozen surgeries and the same number of weeks later, Greg Manteufel was released from the hospital. He and his wife, Dawn are now staying at his parents’ home in Cedarburg, as their home isn’t suitable for Manteufel’s wheelchair.

“I just wanted to stay alive, you know?” said Greg Manteufel.

In late June, Greg Manteufel became violently ill.

“That’s pretty much when his son realized there’s something majorly wrong,” said Dawn Manteufel.

Doctors say he contracted a rare blood infection they linked to bacteria found in dog’s saliva. As a result, he lost parts of his arms, legs and nose. The Manteufels said after all they’ve been through, and all that Greg has lost, they’ve actually gained something, too.

“When we leave each other now, we make sure we say ‘I love you,'” said Dawn Manteufel.

Greg Manteufel, who is taking part in physical therapy, said he hopes to gain enough strength for prosthetic limbs. He also said he hopes to one day ride his motorcycle again.

The Manteufels said they are grateful for a community that has been so supportive.

“He had an afghan that was made for him from someone in Colorado, just to give him warmth. It was so touching,” said Dawn Manteufel.

On Saturday, Oct. 6, Greg Manteufel’s friends and family members will host a benefit ride in Slinger.

There is a GoFundMe account set up to help the Manteufel family.



AMES, Iowa — Tuesday evening around 6:40 pm, while grocery store shopping at an Ames Hy-Vee, sophomore Iowa State University student Kennedy Eitmann felt something wasn’t quite right.  “I kept seeing the same two older men in every aisle with me,” she said.  Kennedy said she tried to shake the feeling but once she checked out they appeared again behind her as she exited the doors.  She quickly ran to her vehicle.  “I jumped into my car immediately, locked the doors started it and they pointed at my bumper like something was wrong.”

Kennedy knew nothing was wrong with her vehicle because it was just in the repair shop the day before but as she tried to drive off she believes they kept trying to stop her.  “My gut was telling me there is no way, this is a set up.”  She soon reported the incident to Ames Police Department and Commander Geoff Huff has nothing but praise for the finance and international business major.  He said, “We appreciate her being brave and giving us a call to report something.”

He also appreciates the numerous Hy-Vee cameras that allowed police to see there was no real threat.  “What happened did happen,” said Huff.  He added, “What she perceived was a little different but she was like all people in Ames right now, a little extra worried about things.”

Police say the push for “See something, Say something,” after the tragic death of Celia Barquin Arozamena in Ames is working and they don’t care investigations like Eitmann’s may find no one at fault.  Huff said, “That may not always be the case.  So, we want people to err on the side of calling us.”  Commander Huff says others who are ever in Kennedy’s situation should do the same and never second guess themselves.  “It is not a false report unless your intent is to tell something untrue and that is definitely not the case in this case.”

Hy-Vee officials say all of their stores have cameras and they encourage shoppers to immediately call local law enforcement any time they see what they believe is suspicious activity.

MILWAUKEE – A 12-year-old boy died as his home in Milwaukee burned late Monday night. June Cross said her 12-year-old grandson, Adrian Cross, became trapped on the second floor of the home.

“He went in to get his brothers. That’s what he was trying to do,” Cross told WITI.

But what the 12-year-old did not know was his siblings and parents already made it out to safety.

“All of a sudden, they started screaming,” Cross said.

When the fire broke out downstairs, flames quickly engulfed the home.

“Our first companies were on the scene in three minutes,” said Milwaukee Fire Chief Mark Rohlfing. “Unfortunately, the fire was too far along.”

After such a sudden and heart-wrenching loss, Cross said the only way the family is coping is not giving up on their faith.

“Through God, because that is the only strength we’ve got,” Cross said. “I know God has better plans for all of us.”

Chief Rohlfing came to the neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon hoping to prevent more tragedies like this. He reminded residents to have working smoke detectors and an evacuation plan.

“Talk about, ‘how do I get out of a room if there is a fire. What are my two ways out?’ Think about having a meeting place outside,” Rohlfing said.

There were no other injuries and the origin of the fire is still under investigation. The Red Cross is assisting the family.



AMES, Iowa –The murder of Celia Barquin Arozamena is a deep wound that remains fresh one week later.  “On behalf of the city, we are still grieving and extremely devastated,” said Ames Mayor John Haila as he opened Tuesday’s city council meeting.

Still hurting from the past, Tuesday night city council leaders looked forward at what more could be done.  “The most immediate areas of concern have been natural areas and trails that may be prone to encampments,” said chief of police Charles Cychosz.

The city of Ames began with action teams clearing brush Monday for better visibility along trails and wooded areas and will continue for weeks.  They will also increase patrols on the trails near Squaw Creek Park and the golf course where Celia was found.  Chief Cychosz said, “Next week there will be similar work done in the bike trail in this area. The bike trail will be closed for a period of time while brush is removed and sight lines are improve.”

Despite the efforts, residents like Holly Varnum remain frightened.  “It is because of what happened, I feel less safe than before.”  She now carries a whistle because of Celia’s death but also approached the city council with a question many residents have been asking ever since it was reported that the alleged killer, Collin Richards was labeled as homeless.  “How should we deal with the homeless and how should we approach them?,” she asked.

City leaders shed light on a new homeless outreach program partnership between Ames police and the Emergency Residence Project in Ames that could begin in late fall.  “In light of the tragic events it makes a lot of sense to develop a street outreach program so we are getting to people where they are,” said Emergency Residence Project Executive Director Carrie Moser.  Currently there are very few places for the homeless to turn and even fewer resources for organizations like the Emergency Residence project to help them.  The team would include, “Someone from law enforcement, a member from our staff at the shelter and ideally someone from the mental health profession so if someone needs mental health help or they have some addiction we can make that connection right away,” said Moser.

It is a positive connection they hope the community can continue to have with their homeless population.  “The actions of an individual should not lead us to label or stereotype a group of people,” said Chief Cychosz.

ST. LOUIS, mo. — Hundreds of motorcycles flooded the streets of St. Louis last weekend for the annual Ride of the Century.

The groups’ antics, particularly beneath one of the city’s most prized attractions, have many residents and visitors frustrated over what they are calling blatant disrespect, according to KTVI.

Riders from all over the country showed up for the event. KTVI received numerous complaints and there are countless posts on social media claiming riders harassed people near Busch Stadium and Ballpark Village, popped wheelies on the highway, and performed other dangerous maneuvers in traffic.

Several people reported damage to their vehicles caused by careless motorcyclists.

A video of motorcycles doing doughnuts and other stunts on the grounds beneath the Gateway Arch has gotten a lot of negative attention.

Bret Rich, who posted the video, said he was enjoying the evening at the Gateway Arch National park with his family when he heard the hum of motorcycles approaching. Rich said before he knew it, nearly a dozen motorcycles swarmed the park.

Rich estimates there were about one hundred people spread across the grounds of the park which re-opened in July after a $380 million renovation project.

“How incredibly disrespectful that was,” said Rich. “This city’s gone through a lot to have the Arch renovated and to cover Highway 70 to make the Arch more accessible to the city, and a lot of people are very happy about that.”

According to park rangers, three men were detained and cited in this incident. The U.S. Attorney issued federal citations for Felix Torres, 23, of Texas, Dale Kiesgen, 32, of Illinois and Matthew Parisi, 20, of Ohio. The citations are for “operating a vehicle off a roadway.” Their motorcycles were also impounded.

One Reddit viewer snapped this pic of rangers having what appears to be a frank discussion with one of them:

Deputy Superintendent of the Gateway Arch National Park, Frank Mares said, fortunately, the damage to the grass around the Arch was minimal.

Also Saturday night, St. Louis police towed nine motorcycles and issued 15 tickets for excessive noise, no state vehicle license, and obstructed/improperly affixed state vehicle license plates.

You can see even more of the places they were riding in St. Louis in this video: