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CHILLICOTHE, Ohio – A mother believed to be overdosing on heroin gave birth in an Ohio Burger King bathroom stall, and first responders found the baby alive in the toilet Friday afternoon, according to Chillicothe police.

Police initially responded to reports of a man who had passed out in a vehicle and that a woman, who was with him, had overdosed, according to WSYX.

Officers said they found 26-year-old Zachary Frey passed out behind the wheel of a running vehicle and Elizabeth D. Sanders, also 26, sitting on the toilet in the women’s restroom, a suspected ball of heroin on the floor beside her.

Sanders told officers she thought she had suffered a miscarriage, police said.  However, when the officer looked inside the toilet, there was an infant lying face up, according to the Chillicothe Gazette.  The officer reportedly told Sanders to stand up, causing the child to roll face down into the water.

The medic grabbed the newborn, who was still breathing, and the baby was taken to the hospital. Chillicothe Police Capt. Larry Bamfield told the paper the boy is expected to be “OK,” but it’s not clear what plans are in place for the child’s custody.

Police say Frey was taken to Ross County Jail and charged with operating a vehicle impaired and possession of drug paraphernalia. Sanders pleaded guilty on Monday after being charged over an unrelated warrant for theft.

PELLA, Iowa- Central College has found a new home for Boardwalk House.

The giant blue house on the corner of Broadway and University, will soon be moving over 20 miles.

Last February the College indicated the house would be given away – along with some cash to help with moving expenses. If the house didn’t move, local historical officials worried the historic structure could be torn down.

Events were held for people to view the home. One hundred or so people inquired about taking the house. Some were serious, but could not navigate a path for the house to move to a new spot.

Until this week.

Mikol Sesker has agreed to take the house, to move it to an acreage in southern Marion County.

“This is sort of a lifelong dream and concept I share with my siblings,” said Sesker. “We found it while we went different ways, when we talked about things we have this inner core really wanted to look at sustainable living.”

The 22 acre farm will become a demonstration area, the house will welcome guests to visit and stay, at some point.

The idea was hatched along with her brother Nathan, and sister Megan Sesker Enriquez. The family lost Nathan to cancer, and they’re now pushing forward to honor their brother.

We’ll have animals on the farm but not for meat production,” said Sesker. “They will all perform interesting jobs around the farm, chickens can be highly versatile in helping turnover soil and produce eggs.”

“We are really thankful that Pella Historic Trust worked with us to bring some publicity to the availability of the house,” said Central Vice President Tom Johnson. “The board has agreed that we would work with an interested individual and reimburse up to $10,000 moving expenses.”’

There is just one catch in this program, the person who accepts the house, has to be able to move it.

“We are in the process pretty far in the process of nailing down details with a lot of different parties,” said Sesker on the upcoming move. “It takes a lot of coordination and lot of permission in a lot of different areas to make a move like this happen.”