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The Marshalltown baseball team means much to the community. Tuesday the Bobcats cleaned-up, Wednesday they play ball.

Michael Admire has more on Marshalltown’s respite from a rough week.

DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Volunteers poured in from across the state as hundreds of people gathered to help Marshalltown recover from extensive tornado damage.

The cleanup hasn’t been easy, and at times it has been dangerous; UnityPoint Health says 235 people have been injured in Marshalltown alone.

Eric Duffy and his daughter Mariah from Le Grand were among the volunteers.

“I was cutting a log. I don’t remember a lot of it,” Eric Duffy said.

That’s because the log Eric was cutting fell on top of him.

“There was blood everywhere, in my eyes, in my ears,” Eric said.

Then the roles switched–the people Eric was trying to help were suddenly helping him.

“A lady was trying to hold a rag on my head, but she was pretty shook up, so she took the rag and held it on my head,” Eric said.

That “she” is Eric’s 10-year-old daughter, Mariah.

“He was hurt and he needed help getting up and a lot more. He needed stuff wiped off, there was wood chips all over him,” Mariah said.

Eric says he is proud of his daughter.

“She did good, she is my little hero,” he said.

But there’s only so much a 10-year-old can do. When paramedics arrived, they realized Eric’s injuries were serious.

“I have a gash on the back of my head that they stapled up, I have a broken back, they said I had a concussion,” Eric said.

Eric, who was trying to help his neighbors, now wants to thank them for what they did for him.

“I’d tell them thank you for saving me and for making [Mariah] feel comfortable. It was scary, and she handled it like an adult,” Eric said.

Mariah said, “Some people don’t even know him, and they are still praying.”