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PLEASANT HILL, Iowa  —  The Pleasant Hill Fire Department had all hands on deck on Saturday morning to make the arrival of its newest addition official.

The department was given money by the city to buy a new engine two years ago, and now it’s ready for duty.

Members of the community were invited to help push it into the station, as part of a long-standing tradition at the firehouse.

“Many years ago, they actually, the fire engines were brought back to the station. The horses pulled the engines. So in order for them to put them back into the station, the firefighters had to push the engines back into the station,” said Acting Chief Jamie Xayavong.

Fire engines are usually in service for about 20 years before they are retired.

DAVENPORT, Iowa  —  A bicyclist who hit and killed a 79-year-old woman in Davenport will not face charges.

The incident happened along the Mississippi River on June 23rd. Ruth Ann Morris was walking with her son Michael along the trail when they walked onto the bike path. Michael says two cyclists lost control of their bikes, and one crashed into his mother.

The Scott County Attorney says it was an accident, but Ruth’s son says it doesn’t bring his mother back.

“I don’t necessarily think there should be charges, but they killed my mom,” he said. “I think he felt remorse. He said he braked too hard, that was the only thing that either one of them said to me that day.”

Michael says he hopes to honor his mother’s memory one day to go back to his daily walks on the trail, but right now it’s too difficult.