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DES MOINES, Iowa–  The rain will only add to worries in Beaverdale.

Last month’s flash flooding poured into many basements in Beaverdale.

While it’s hard to stop 9 inches of rain some homeowners along 47th street say even a small downpour will flood their neighborhood.

“Anytime there is a five min down pour there is flooding at this intersection,” resident Jenni Klise said.

The most recent flash flood damaged Klise’s home and, more than a dozen others on this street.

Klise blames the flood on outdated storm sewer systems.

Last week, Klise took her concerns to city council Monday city council.

“This has been a known issue its a safety issue and it’s been an habitual problem, Klise said last week. “You have got to find the revenue for those storm sewers no other option”.

Friday, the city is listening.

“This is a direct response to the complaints of the residents of the inadequacies of the infrastructure,” Jonathan Gano Des Moines Public Works said.

Gano says every time there is a flash flood alert, this pump will be on standby.

“We want to try and make a temporary relief should the water come up in a forecast that includes potential flash flooding we thought it was prudent to park a pump here,” Gano said.

This won’t fix any damage on this street but will temporarily prevent it from happening again.

The city says this is the only metro neighborhood to have a SUMP pump.

Damage assessments are being reviewed, as a result other low-lying neighborhood could qualify.

The city says in the events of an unforeseen emergency down pour crews can mobilize the pump in an hour.

DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Governor Robert Ray greeted every person at Wesley Acres with a smile they will never forget.

“The thing that I noticed is he would just always smile. He would always smile for you. And it did bother him sometimes when he didn’t recognize somebody, but like we told him, he knew so many people, you couldn’t recognize everyone,” Wesley Acres Resident Betty Speas said.

The staff said he was always looking out for everyone.

“He’s somebody that we admire a lot. With the staff he’s always been so kind and such a sweet guy. In fact, with our dining staff, I know that he always asked them if they had eaten yet that day. He was always concerned about others,” Dining Director Sam Kolner said.

Kolner has a special connection to ray.

“During the dinner, I remembered I had a picture of him crowning my mother-in-law, Lois Theesfield, Miss Iowa in 1969. So I went through all of my pictures and brought that up and decided to show that to him and brought it over, and he got a big kick out of that,” Kolner said.

Ray reached out to many people, whether it was through work or even at church.

“I had long heard his name growing up in our church as a person of faith, as a person who my parents often referred to when they needed to share with me a role model,” Reverend Bill Spangler-Dunning said.

Speas said she also went to the same church.

“I knew him when all of us went to church. I knew him when I was a Sunday school teacher and I had his oldest daughter in first grade, and she was very quiet,” Speas said

They reconnected when he moved to Wesley Acres, and now she is sad to say goodbye.

“But in a way, sometimes you think he’s earned his reward, but always sad to think somebody’s not going to be there when you walk over to the health center,” Speas said.