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CUMMING, Iowa  —  Storm damage could be seen nearly everywhere near the Upland Trail and 155th Street in rural Warren County on Friday afternoon.

Initially, Erika Hendrickson didn’t realize how much damage the storm had caused.

“We heard a little,” said Hendrickson. “It was done in 20 minutes. We looked down, oh, there’s a few branches. Then we looked out the other side, never mind. Everything is down.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the storm also knocked out the power.

“The storm came through about 12 yesterday,” said Hendrickson. “By 12:30, we lost power.”

Hendrickson and her grandkids did what they could to stay cool in the heat.

“Sit out here in the shade, spray each other with water,” said Hendrickson. “Lots of water to drink. It’s all you can do.”

As crews worked to get the power back on, people turned to generators as they waited.

“Oh gosh, it’s hotter than heck in the house,” said Lois Mace. “It’s awful.”

And the timing couldn’t have been worse. Mace, who lives in Waukee, was visiting her daughter’s house near Cumming for a family reunion.

“We have about probably 50, maybe 60 people coming in from all over,” said Mace. “And with this storm, they lost power. The trees are down. They just got the yard halfway picked up, and they can’t cook anything to finish the meal.”

DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Two people were injured in a stabbing on Friday night.

The incident happened just before 9 p.m. at an apartment complex near SE 4th and Philip Street. Police say one of the victims was stabbed in the stomach and was up and talking with officers. They did not say how badly the second victim was injured.

One person has been taken into custody.