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Dixie Wooten has a memorable name, outsized personality, and coach of the year credentials.
Michael Admire has more as the Barnstormers prepare for the IFL United Bowl, a week from Saturday.


INDIANOLA, Iowa  —  Recent storms have knocked out power across Iowa, and for some a lack of electricity can be a health risk.

Harold McClure depends on an oxygen tank 24 hours a day. However, the system needs power to refill his oxygen tanks. Luckily, his neighbor came to the rescue on Thursday.

Joe Gazelle is an inventor, and came up with a device five years ago that attaches to a lawnmower and generates electricity.

“It sat for the last four and a half, five years and hadn’t been ran. And to my surprise, I was hoping it would, it performed just like it did when we developed our prototypes years ago. It’s sitting there running right now, and getting the oxygen bottles filled back up for him,” said Gazelle.

Gazelle used the device to keep refilling McClure’s oxygen bottles until crews could turn the lights back on in their neighborhood.