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AMES, Iowa- Main Street here is evolving into a new identity.
Over the years it’s signs have said it’s the Ames Cultural District, or Historic Ames Downtown.

A consultant was hired to help the Main Street area reconfigure and rebrand. The organization changed the name from Ames Main Street Cultural District to Ames Main Street. The change came in cooperation with Main Street Iowa.

The area has a new logo promoting Downtown Ames. The signs went up on Main Street Tuesday morning.

“Downtown Ames is the heart of the Ames community it’s the place where community happens,” said Cindy Hicks, Executive Director of Ames Main Street. “It’s a vibrant place, you’ll notice the colors we went with very bright colors, it’s a place of diversity.”

The organization held a ribbon cutting and formal unveiling of the new logo and name change.

“Our program name is now Ames Main Street, the area we promote is Downtown Ames,” said Hicks. “There are many different names that have been used over the years to describe the heart of our community, but for most people it has always been simply Downtown Ames.”

Hicks said the Ames downtown maintains a historic flavor, as that is where the roots of the City of Ames began. She added the Sheldon Munn used to be the place for big college gatherings, as there was no Memorial Union then.

“When you come to Ames the downtown area this is where this community started,and when you want to see someone you know this is where you come,” said Hicks.

The banners marked the change, it will take some time to replace all the directional signs pointing out Downtown Ames.


DES MOINES, Iowa–  Organized unions are again taking a hit.

In just the past year, Iowa unions lost the right to negotiate health care and, are also required to vote to continue the union with each new contract.

Now, a U.S. Supreme Court ruling could strip union funding in 22 states.

For 70 years Iowa has been a ‘right to work state’ but after the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Mark Janus verse ‘AFSCME’ case,  the nation will follow suit

“I’ve been on both sides when it comes to that opportunity I appreciate my tenure in Florida and Iowa better than working in Pennsylvania,” former educator Terry Gladfelter said.

Gladfelter used to live in Pennsylvania a ‘fair share’ state.

States like Pennsylvania required non-union members to pay union fees for things like collective bargaining.

“Choose and its a first amendment right that even back then my money was being used for political causes that I did not believe in,” Gladfelter said.

AFSCME Council 61 represents Iowa, Missouri and parts of Kansas.

I think it’s a step backwards, I think it’s a terrible ruling because it isn’t about freedom of speech it’s about attacking labor unions,” AFSCME 61 president Danny Homan said. “I believe unions give a valuable service, are they needed in every employment situation in this state no”.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people in Iowa, Missouri and Kansas agree.

Across the board, private and public-sector full-time and minimum wage employee union membership is down from 2016 to 2017.

The National Education Association the largest teacher labor union said,  “Unions remain the most effective vehicle for the power in numbers working people need to secure their rights and freedoms”.

Gladfelter has little hope in his former union.

“They are expecting to lose about 300,000 members,” Gladfelter said.