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DOON, Iowa  —  Floodwater has receded in northwest Iowa, where a train carrying crude oil derailed on Friday.

The oil has now been contained, but removing all the oil from the water could take months. At least 200 people are now helping with cleanup efforts.

BNSF Railroad is asking anyone with damage as a result of that derailment to contact them to get everything cleaned up and repaired.

“We have representatives from the EPA, state, local, regional, regulators are on site overseeing what we’re doing and working with them to make sure that we clean up in the appropriate way as it relates to federal law and state law,” said BSNF spokesperson Andy Williams. “Every plan that we come up with we’re having approved by them before we move forward. The long-term cleanup will take a while, a matter of months, probably, and we will be working hand in hand with the EPA and other agencies.”

The sheriff’s office is asking everyone to stay away from the area because of the heavy machinery being used.

BONDURANT, Iowa  —  Before the rain hit on Sunday, a group of people in Bondurant met to dedicate a garden to an 11-year-old girl who lost her battle with cancer last year.

The dedication of Ava’s Butterfly Garden, in memory of Ava Hutchinson, started with dozens of monarch butterflies being released.

This garden in Bondurant is shaped like a butterfly, which is a theme that means a lot to Ava’s family.

“Butterflies and flowers and gardens are a sign of renewal, too, so that’s a big thing for me,” Joni Hutchinson said.

“Her love of life was huge, and she seemed to always bring everybody together. And everybody talks about how strong-willed she was or how she influenced them to make them feel better,” Chris Hutchinson said.

The community and We XL 4H, a club to which Ava belonged, donated $3,000 to help pay for the garden.