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PERRY, Iowa  —  “It’s been very hard for the whole family,” said David Busch,  the biological uncle of the late Sabrina Ray. “We’ve been trying to get her ashes to put her to rest, where she belongs.”

David Busch, the biological uncle of the late Sabrina Ray, was brought to tears talking about just how difficult the past year has been since Ray’s death.

“With her ashes, we don’t know where they’re at,” said Busch. “We would like to have them back, so family…can put her to rest.”

Busch says the family would like Ray to be laid to rest in De Soto, in the same cemetery where other family members are buried.

“My dad and my nephew John, Sabrina’s oldest brother, have gone over to the courthouse, and they’ve tried getting it and they wouldn’t even release it to John,” said Busch. “They say Marc and Misty still have the rights until this is all said and done.”

On Friday night in Perry, near the bench and tree that honor the memory of Sabrina Ray, a candlelight vigil was held to try and bring some healing to the hurting hearts that are still coming to terms with the tragedy of Ray’s death.

“When Sabrina died, for days I kept checking the news, hoping that maybe they got something wrong, either wrong about her death or wrong about the apparent circumstances of it,” said Pastor Rick Gates of Crossroads Church. “Because all of those things have just rocked everybody’s minds and hearts and everything about their lives here in our community and they’re hurting.”

Pastor Gates spoke of love, hope, and even forgiveness, while also praying for justice. As those gathered tried to light candles near the tree planted in Ray’s memory, winds blew out the flames. It seemed sadly fitting, since the light of young Sabrina Ray’s life blew out before it ever truly got to shine.

FORT DODGE, Iowa  —  A Fort Dodge man is recovering from being accidentally shot by his dog.

Richard Remme is a veteran with a conceal and carry permit. He had his gun on him in a belly band under his overalls while playing with his dog Blue. Despite hearing the gunshot, Remme says it wasn’t until his leg felt cold and wet that he realized what happened.

“This was a what, one in two billion? One in 100 million, whatever the odds are of this happening, a freak chance of this happening. There’s a mechanical safety and a trigger safety on this gun. How did this gun go off? I have no clue,” he said.

Doctors say the bullet did not do any major damage to Remme’s leg, and the man is also optimistic about his relationship with Blue.

“I am not worried one bit about the relationship with the dog. The dog is actually at home looking for me,” he said. “They told me that both times they were at the house that the dog was going bonkers trying to find me.”

Remme is expected to make a full recovery.