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The “Star Wars” universe is expanding again on the animation front with “Star Wars: Resistance,” a Disney Channel series set during a period prior to events depicted in the 2015 movie “The Force Awakens.”

The program, scheduled to make its debut in the fall, will feature the droid BB-8 and appearances by the established characters Poe Dameron and Captain Phasma, voiced by the actors who played them in the recent movies, Oscar Isaac and Gwendoline Christie, respectively.

The plot will center on a young pilot named Kazuda Xiono who is recruited by the Resistance to spy on the evil entity known as the First Order.

The anime-style series is being overseen by Dave Filoni, who was responsible for the “Star Wars”-branded shows “The Clone Wars” and “Rebels,” with the latter having recently completed a four-season run on Disney XD. According to Disney, production has already begun on the show, which reunites several members of the “Rebels” creative team.

Lucasfilm previously indicated that there were plans for additional animated shows, although planning such spinoffs has become a bit trickier as the company has ramped up production of “Star Wars” stand-alone movies, additional trilogies and TV shows for a planned streaming service since its acquisition by the Walt Disney Co.

Despite that, Filoni told CNN last year that the potential for “Star Wars”-related animation is “almost limitless,” given the scope of the franchise’s galaxy.

SPRING BROOK TOWNSHIP, Pa. – “Who would duct tape a pole anywhere? That is not common sense.”

That is a question some residents of Spring Brook Township, Pennsylvania have been asking for quite some time.

A damaged utility pole on Aston Mountain Road near Moscow is wrapped in duct tape.

“We have people that ride bikes and motorcycle riders. Everyone wants to come through. It is beautiful and quiet, and we don’t need anyone getting hurt. It can come down at any time,” Carol King told WNEP.

King showed WNEP a picture of the duct-taped pole taken last month. She thought the utility pole would have been replaced by now.

“It looks kind of funny. I mean, duct tape on a telephone pole and the pole is cracked, and we have had some major winds. That is going to come down and kill somebody,” said King.

“I am afraid that pole is going to go down on a car when you’re going by or lose electricity soon. I just think it’s dangerous,” said Ann Aston.

Aston lives on Aston Mountain Road. She doesn’t know how the pole got damaged or who put the tape on the pole but says the tape just isn’t enough.

“I would like something to be done, yes, for everybody’s safety sake, but who would OK something like that?” said Aston.

“Some attention would be nice. We pay the same rates as everyone else,” said King.

Markings on the pole indicate that it belongs to a telecommunications company. An official with Spring Brook Township says he plans to look into who exactly owns the pole.