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PRAIRIE CITY, Iowa  —  What happened in the lunchroom of Prairie City-Monroe Middle School last week is the subject of controversy, as one parent is speaking out and putting the blame on the school’s principal.

Jennifer Miles, the mother of an eighth grade student at PCM, says she’s very upset with Principal Ty Weatherman. Miles says Weatherman allowed eighth grade students to essentially bully the sixth graders by letting them leave a mess in the lunchroom and making the sixth grade students clean it up.

According to Miles, the sixth grade students have been leaving a mess on the tables at lunch for weeks. Then on Wednesday, there was early dismissal, so the lunches were switched and the eighth grade students got to eat first. The allegation is that the eighth grade students were told it was okay for them to leave a mess for the sixth graders–and were even egged on to do so–and that sixth grade students had to then clean up the mess. However, Miles says that sent the wrong message and was not the right way to teach the kids a lesson.

“It just sends a message to our kids that it’s okay to retaliate and bully other kids, and that’s not the kind of message we want to send here at PCM,” she said. “If it had been taken care of without involving the eighth graders, that’s where I think it should have ended, you know? If the sixth grade children were leaving a mess, for weeks and weeks at a time, then why didn’t the principal have them clean it up? Why did he allow eighth grade students to retaliate against them and bully them?”

While Miles disagrees with Weatherman’s alleged actions, another parent who did not want to be identified said she understands the lesson the principal may have been trying to teach.

In response to the incident, the school’s superintendent provided the following statement:

“This is matter is under review in accordance with the District’s established process for investigating and resolving complaints.  The District does not comment on pending complaints.” 

DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Ninety-six-year-old Mike Fremont of Ohio stopped running marathons when he was 90. On Tuesday, Fremont set his sights on setting a new American record in the road race mile–and he did it.

Fremont finished the Grand Blue Mile in 13 minutes 55 seconds.

Fremont will attempt a world record in his age group on Friday night in the 800 meters. That race takes place at Drake Stadium.