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As Kirk Ferentz begins his 20th season at Iowa, he talks about the state of the Hawkeyes as spring practice begins.

Michael Admire reports from Iowa City.

IOWA  —  The fight over abortion restriction went before the public on Tuesday night.

The Iowa House held a public hearing on the fetal heartbeat bill, which would ban nearly all abortions after a heartbeat is detected. Speakers were given three minutes to lobby lawmakers. Some of their comments are as follow:

“The false premise is the notion that a beating heart means life and the absence of a beating heart means the absence of life. This is overly simplistic and does not match our human experience or our values as human beings.”

“When a patient is in the end stages of life, medical staff will use a stethoscope to to determine a heartbeat. At the point they hear none, they declare the patient deceased.”

“Banning abortions in Iowa will not stop abortions, they’ll stop safe abortions.”

“After my first child, I regretted my own abortion. I wish that there had been a heartbeat bill back then, or that it had not been so terribly easy to get an abortion.”

The House Human Resources Committee approved a fetal heartbeat amendment last week and the full Senate passed a similar bill last month. Abortions in Iowa are currently banned after 20 weeks of pregnancy.