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AMES, Iowa  —  Since 2011, the Orange Leaf location in Ames has been serving up frozen yogurt treats with a variety of toppings.

Owner John Shelton noticed that in winter, sales of the product were down compared to during summer, so he came up with a plan to sell mini donuts right alongside the yogurt. The new shop is called Sweet Mini’s Donut Company.

“Just decided that this mini donut concept that we developed would be a good complement to it, it will get morning sales,” said Shelton. “In the winter when it slows down, we can have donut sales pretty much year-round, as it’s not so seasonal.”

Shelton asked the corporate office for his Orange Leaf franchise if that would work.

“I’m in the office fairly often,” said Shelton, who lives near the office in Oklahoma. “I just made the proposal, let me be a guinea pig, let me co-brand this with my Orange Leaf up in Ames, and they said, ‘sure.’”

This is the first Orange Leaf location to attempt a co-branded store to sell donuts and frozen yogurt. Shelton brought in a robot to make the donuts at the rate of 150 dozen per hour. The sweet treats are made on the spot after the order is placed.

“I’ve had a traditional donut store before and it’s a lot of work, you have to be up in the middle of the night, but it’s light, fluffy, and people respond very favorably to it,” said Shelton. “We have over 20 different varieties, different toppings, so each donut has four components: the cake, the icing, the topping, and then the drizzle.”

Shelton hopes to open more mini donut locations.

DES MOINES, Iowa  —  When Tiangong-1 Space Station blasted off seven years ago, Science Center of Iowa Director of Marketing and PR Emilee Richardson says it was a major Chinese accomplishment.

“There have been two missions of Chinese crews that have gone up to the space station, and it was launched in 2011.”

What goes up, must come down, though, and unfortunately in this case nobody can steer it from harm’s way.

Richardson said, “Since 2016, China has actually lost contact with it, so they are no longer able to control the trajectory of the space station.”

Drake University Observatory lecturer Herb Schwartz says experts have nailed down this weekend as the expected time for the nine-ton station’s crash landing.

“Right now, the best estimate we have is somewhere late in the day on April 1st. April Fool’s Day,” he said with a smile.

Determining a location is more difficult and could be anywhere from South Dakota to New Zealand.

Richardson said, “That whole chunk of the middle of the globe is still in the potential impact zone.”

Schwartz added, “As far as the latitude of the earth is concerned, it happens to coincide with Des Moines, Iowa.”

Tiangong-1 is the size of a school bus. While the thought of something that large falling from the sky can be scary, most of the space station won’t reach the earth.

“They figure somewhere between 400-500 pounds of spacecraft may actually make it to the surface,” said Schwartz.

All jokes aside, on April 1st, Iowans should look up.

“As it burns through the atmosphere, you’ll literally see streaks of fire.”

It’s an opportunity sky gazing experts like Richardson say you do not want to miss.

“I’m actually hoping I get to see it. That would be really cool, to be able to see that space craft coming in and see those fireballs in the sky.”

Astronomers believe there is a one in one trillion chance of any human being struck by space debris.

DES MOINES, Iowa — “Two years ago, Presidents’ Day weekend I was looking for some civil war flags,” said Robert Warren, Executive Director of Hoyt Sherman Place.

What Warren found was a hidden treasure.

“I noticed the bottom half of Apollo and Venus,” said Warren. “Pulled it out from behind the table and noticed on the back of it there was an auction sticker.”

In the flower closet, on the balcony level, is where the painting was found. It was discovered tucked in a corner between a table and wall.

Warren didn’t know the value of what he had stumbled upon.

“I was a little surprised, because it`s a wood panel painting,” said Warren. “I didn’t really know much about it until I looked at the back of it and I could see the webbing and then the contents of the front was so badly damaged and there were water stains on it, in a room filled with junk. I had no idea that it was as valuable as it turned out to be.”

The painting’s exact value still remains a mystery, but it is believed to be worth millions.

Otto van Veen, the artist, is in every major museum, the Louvre, the Portrait Gallery, the Rubens estate and the paintings that have been sold that have been valued between $4 million and $17 million,” said Warren. “So, we think it’s somewhere in that range, but until it’s fully installed and we get an appraiser out here, we can only speculate.”

At the moment, there are no plans to sell it. Warren says the painting will be displayed as part of the permanent collection in the Hoyt Sherman Gallery.

“We have a spot picked out for it,” said Warren. “We’re just in the process of finishing the installation.”

And as to why it’s remained hidden away all of these years, Warren believes the content of the painting was simply too risque for the Des Moines Women’s Club, when they recieved it in the early 1920s.

“At that time, there were no other paintings in the entire collection of 54 that had any nudity at all,” said Warren.

With the help of a Chicago conservator who did restoration on the painting, Warren was able to discover that the painting was created between 1595 and 1600. It once hung in the The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, in the 1880s. The Collins family of New York loaned the painting to the “Met.”
The family later moved to Des Moines, and loaned and later gifted “Apollo and Venus” and four other paintings to the Des Moines Women’s Club at Hoyt Sherman.

DES MOINES, Iowa – Grand View volleyball has surged to NAIA power by reaching beyond borders for key talent. Brazilians, and Puerto Rican’s played vital roles in the Vikings back-to-back trips to the National Championship game. “We want to keep building on that,” said head volleyball coach Donan Cruz, “if it fits, it fits.”

Grand View volleyball’s identity was formed by foreign-born players, and that culture helped lure in the Viking’s next foreign phenom.

“He brings a lot of explosiveness,” says Puerto Rico native and Grand View assistant coach Victor Gonzalez.

“He’s a blue chip recruit,” says Cruz, “He’s a guy that you build systems around.”

His name is, Felix Chapman.

As a teenager Chapman played for Cuba’s national team, and won the Central American and Caribbean Games. Today he’s the center of Grand View’s nationally ranked volleyball team.

Iran withdraws from the Freestyle World Cup in Iowa City, and Russia may not show either. That won’t matter to Terry Brands or Thomas Gilman. Gilman’s quote about winning the silver medal at last year’s world championships is classic. #WorldCupIowaCity

Update from Associated Press:

MOSCOW — The Russian Foreign Ministry has accused the United States of trying to bar Russian wrestlers from an upcoming competition and claims the U.S. is unfit to host international sports events.

The ministry says the U.S. embassy in Moscow refused to arrange visa interviews for the Russian team ahead of the freestyle wrestling World Cup, which starts April 5 in Iowa City, Iowa.

Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says in a statement that the alleged visa refusal is “direct and open discrimination,” adding that “it’s clearly impossible to hold international competitions on American territory any more — they don’t play fair.”

The wrestling World Cup is an eight-team tournament which serves as the first major global competition of the season.

Video comes from University of Iowa.

ANKENY, Iowa — “I obviously don’t think it’s fair, because we`re still in school and still trying to figure out our education and obviously people who are running our government, they`re not in a school right now,” said Emma Lyon, a Freshman at DMACC. “So, it’s already a lot of money and it’s already hard.”

Talk to students at DMACC’s Ankeny campus and they’ll tell you: they think there’s a disconnect between the people in government who control how much funding goes to higher education in Iowa, and the students who are struggling to be able to afford to go to those schools.

“Oh for sure, yeah,” said Kalyne Abel, a Sophomore at DMACC. “I think there’s a big like, maybe like a slight miscommunication in like everything that’s going on with people who like have a job, who have gone through school, and people like us who are still going through school and still trying to figure like everything out.”

The cuts Governor Kim Reynolds signed include slashing half a million dollars from community colleges. For DMACC, that will have real consequences.

“We need to be able to expand programs, not worry about holding positions open,” said Rob Denson, DMACC’S President. “and, these are positions in key areas like IT, health care, advanced manufacturing, transportation…”

But with funding going in the other direction, some positions will remain vacant.

“We`re actually holding some positions open until July 1, which gives us some kind of a reserve, because the next key number is gonna be what the legislative appropriation will be for next year and all of that rolls into our calculations to what student tuition needs to go up,” said Denson. “Generally, we go up three to four dollars a year, based on budget projections. We`ve projected a six dollar per credit hour increase.”

That’s not something students on campus want to hear.

“I don`t want my tuition or anything to be effected in that manner,” said Abel.

“Yeah, it`s like we`re here also because the tuition is cheaper,” said Lyon. “It`s a community college and it`s just, there`s no point going here if our tuition`s going to increase.”

President Denson says even with the projected increase from 151 to 157 dollars per credit hour, dmacc will still have the lowest tuition and fees in the state…of all community colleges, and universities etc.

DES MOINES, Iowa — Sally Gaer of West Des Moines is a medical marijuana advocate because of the lifelong struggle her daughter Margaret has faced and the ways medical pot has helped.

“She has intractable epilepsy,” said Gaer, referring to her to daughter’s Dravet syndrome. “So she’s had seizures for 28 years.”

Gaer says the process for getting a registration card in Iowa in order to access medical marijuana is too cumbersome.

“To have to take that other step and go to the DOT and get your picture taken and wait in line like everybody else at the driver’s license station, you know, it’s kind of a burden for people with MS and cancer and, you know, some of the new qualifying conditions,” she said.

Those conditions currently include cancer (with severe or chronic pain, nausea or severe vomiting, cachexia or severe wasting); multiple sclerosis with severe and persistent muscle spasms; seizures; AIDS or HIV (as defined in section 141A.1); Crohn’s disease; Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS); any terminal illness with a probable life expectancy of under one year (if the illness or its treatment produces is one or more of the following: severe or chronic pain, nausea or severe vomiting; cachexia or severe wasting); Parkinson’s disease; and untreatable pain.

Examples of a CBD card

If you want to obtain a patient registration card, you have to download an application from the Department of Public Health’s website, take that application to your doctor, and ask your doctor to certify that you have been diagnosed with one of the debilitating medical conditions authorized in the statute. After receiving a doctor’s certification, you submit the application to the health department, along with the required fee. If approved, you would be notified and would then need to go to a DOT location.

“Generally, we’ve already got a customer record for them,” said Mark Lowe, Iowa DOT Director. “And then when they come in, we go ahead and we update anything on their driver’s license or ID that needs to be changed. So if their name changed, if their address changed, that kind of thing, we update that. And then we just take their photo, like we would for a normal driver’s license or ID card, and we issue the cannabidiol card to them.”

POTTAWATTAMIE COUNTY, Iowa  —  Last December, two people in Pottawattamie County were killed in a fiery bus crash.

One victim was the driver, 74-year-old Donald Hendricks, and the other was 16-year-old Oakland student Megan Klindt. The crash happened just after Klindt boarded the bus right in front of her home. Now, her parents say the Riverside School District is to blame for her death and are seeking accountability, change, and justice for their daughter.

Channel 13’s Sonya Heitshusen talked to Glen and Natalie Klindt about the tragedy and why they plan to sue the district.

WINTERSET, Iowa — “He’s self-employed, has a body shop that he runs out of his residence, at that residence,” said Captain Roger E. Shortt of the Winterset Police Department, referring to 53-year-old Eric Paul Eyerly.

On Monday morning, Wintersest police arrested Eyerly at his house in the 800 block of IA-92, where police say the alleged abuse in this case took place over the course of approximately two and a half years. Eyerly is charged with three counts of sexual assault in the 3rd degree and two counts of child endangerment. According to police, the victim in two of the offenses was under the age of 14, and in one offense the victim was 14 years old.

“This case came to light kind of as a result of kids hanging out, underage people hanging out at that residence,” said Captain Shortt. “And the information we gathered through the course of this investigation indicated that several different underage kids would hang out and stay the night or hang out there at that residence; a popular spot for teenagers.”

Winterset police worked with DHS on the case, and there was also contact with other outside agencies.

“These cases are never quick,” said Captain Shortt. “It took numerous interviews and a lot of time.”

Police say there’s reason to believe that in the past Eyerly has been arrested in other states on similar charges.

“There is information that he has been arrested in other states,” said Captain Shortt. “Right now, Colorado that we know of.”

Eyerly is being held in the Madison County Jail on a $304,000 cash-only bond.

DES MOINES – Grand View Women’s basketball Coach Garey Smith is hanging up the whistle after 47 seasons.

At 75 years old, Smith is stepping down because of health problems.

Smith has coached at Iowa State, Fairfax High School in Missouri, William Penn and Grand View.  He has over 700 wins in his career.