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A thrilling day one starting with the big schools, class 5A, and ending with Class 4A. Here are highlights and post-game from Central Iowa teams.

Monday, February 26, 2018
Game Time Location Team Score Team
B1 10:00 AM Wells Fargo Arena Johnston 73 48 Waukee
B2 11:45 AM Wells Fargo Arena Iowa City High 78 62 WDM Valley
B3 1:30 PM Wells Fargo Arena Dowling Catholic 53 63 Iowa City West
B4 3:15 PM Wells Fargo Arena Cedar Falls 63 64 Indianola
Monday, February 26, 2018
Game Time Location Team Score Team
B1 5:00 PM Wells Fargo Arena Center Point-Urbana 69 47 Boone
B2 6:45 PM Wells Fargo Arena Marion 71 39 Fairfield
B3 8:30 PM Wells Fargo Arena Grinnell  70  51 Mason City


DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Every point matters in the fast-paced game of basketball, but a member of the Iowa Hawkeyes gave up a point in order to preserve a legacy.

Hawkeye sophomore point guard Jordan Bohannon intentionally missed a free throw so he would not outshine a former Hawkeye basketball star.

“It’s not my record to have. Obviously that record deserves to stay in his name,” he says.

Bohannon is referring to Chris Street, an Iowa Hawkeye basketball standout who died in a car crash in 1993. He passed away just three days after making 34 consecutive free throws, holding the school’s record. Bohannon now shares that record with Street.

His gesture went viral on social media and basketball fans across the state are applauding Bohannon for his choice.

“I just thought it was a class act by a classy individual just to show you its not about basketball, it’s about life. I think it was a great lesson,” says Darwin Yossi of Dallas Center.

Those who knew Street personally say he would have been proud of the display of sportsmanship.

High school basketball coach Bert Hanson says, “Chris was all about the Hawkeyes, was all about the team, do the best you can all the time out there, but the act of sportsmanship he would have really appreciated. However, if it were in a game-winning situation, he would have said, ‘let’s win the game.'”

Hanson coached Street for three years at Indianola High School. He says Street was type of kid coaches loved to coach and players wanted to be like. He says he’s not surprised by the show of respect to honor a legend.

“Chris never mentioned going anyplace else. He always wanted to be a Hawkeye, and I think Jordan relates to that, also, because I think Jordan, in a way, is a similar type player,” Hanson smiled.