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Panorama edged Des Moines Christian in a thrilling 2A Regional Final, 36-33.

Standing room only for the game that decided which team would play at the girls state tournament, which begins Monday at Wells Fargo Arena.


AMES, Iowa — “Having had one happen just two weeks before that, you know, I`m sure a lot of people watched that video and were kind of like, you know, how does that feel? What does it feel like?” said Will Strong, a student at Iowa State University.

Strong was one of those people that watched the Iowa DOT video of the deadly car pileup that happened on I-35 near Ames two weeks ago.

“Yeah, I definitely watched that video…a few times,” said Strong. “Just because it’s something you know, kinda looks like something out of a movie, you know, watching it and then when you’re actually in it, it’s like you`re in the movie.”

Strong was involved in the second big wreck to happen on I-35 in as many weeks. The most recent one happened on Saturday Morning between the Huxley and Elkhart exits.

“Now having been in one, it`s kind of like surreal,” said Strong. “And, what actually happens, you know, you don`t really have time to think about it, you just kinda like, what do I need to do to get to safety, and you know a lot of adrenaline.”

Strong was on his way to visit his mother in Indianola when his Corolla was hit from behind.

“I was towards the front of the crash and I was able to actually come to a complete stop,” said Strong. “I was lucky. I didn`t hit the person in front of me and I stopped, and I actually kind of like a brief sigh of relief like okay, and then I looked at my rear-view mirror and it was kind of like oh crap.”

Strong had time to brace for impact.

“I got hit from behind first,” said Strong. “And, then a second time too.”

Strong’s car was smashed up pretty badly, but fortunately he did not suffer any injuries. However, others were hurt in the accident, and it was a busy day at Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames, in large part because of weather related injuries.

“Saturday, about eleven a.m. is when everything started,” said Luke Stalzer, a Registered Nurse who works in the Emergency Department. “It started out pretty crazy. We had patients coming in who were falling, lots of musculoskeletal injuries, and then obviously the accident on I-35 South complicated things with that. We had patients start coming in by ambulance from that scene, so it definitely created a bit of chaos for us…”

A spokesperson says the Medical Center treated about a dozen people who were involved in the wreck. No one was seriously injured.